Old Changi Hospital

I decided to get my friends together with me to OCH. There were altogether 9 of us. Being my first time going to such creepy places, i was very anxious. We reached there at around 9 in the evening. Well, here is what happened during our trip.

The first sight of och is definitely gonna scare anybody. When i first laid my eyes on it, i felt like the hospital is daring us to go in. We made our way up by the long flight of staircase. During that time, i had second thoughts of going in. Furthermore, we are only equiped with candles coz none of us brought any torchlights. I was thinking of how we are going to survive with such minimum light in the place. But not wanting to let anybody down, i kept my feelings to myself.

I’m not gonna tell u all how the place looks like coz i believe visuals are better than words. You got to check the place out. Aniwaez, im gonna list some of the things my group encountered during the trip. Nevertheless, i thanked god dat i didn’t see face to face with any of those “things”

I’m not going to be tell what happened in each stage coz it will take forever to type. So, here are some of the encounters:

heard children talking and crying.

heard laughter on top of the trees.

rattling sound on the ceiling.

stale coldness.

banging of the door behind us after we had entered the room long time ago. There was no gust of wind at all.

figure of a head on the peice of glass found on some of the doors.

clapping from the building when we were outside.

didn’t noticed a plank when we entered one of the rooms. only noticed when we passed by it again.

one of us saw flickering of light and dats when we decided to go out of the main building(there is no power supply…so where did the flicker come from?)

I’m sure there are other minor ones which we encountered but i just can’t think of it when im typing this out. To all daredevils who have not been there maybe its time for you all to go. But remember…… “THEY MAY SEEM TO BE SLEEPING, BUT THEY ARE NOT… THEY ARE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE!!!!”

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