Thai Girlfriend’s Ghost Encounters

Been really into ghost stories recently so I thought I might as well input mine here.

These events didn’t happen to me but to my ex-thai girlfriend. She told me these stories many years ago when we were still together. For you folks out there, if you don’t know yet, Thais really believed in the existence of the spirit world.

The stories I am about to tell you is about the encounters my ex-girlfriend had in her life. There are a total of four encounters which she told me personally and the last one is which I shared partial encounters with her through the space of the INTERNET world ( I will explain later ).

First Story – Abandoned Factory

When she was in her late teens and in her pre U, she and a group of friends; a mix of 3 guys and 3 girls, were out partying at night. After the party one of the guys decided to drive to an abandoned factory just outside the outskirts of Bangkok. The place used to be a toy factory a fire broke out there many years ago. Many people perished in the accident and it has been rumored to be haunted since.

I will be quoting her by translating what she told me in Thai from now.

After a few drinks, my male friend dared everyone to visit the toy factory just 45 mins drive outside Bangkok. Me and my two other female friends didn’t want to go as it was late and the idea is crazy and we are scare of ghosts. But since he was the only one driving that time, we can only comply.

The drive took us through a semi forested area that lead to a big metal gate that was pad-locked. Within the metal gate stands the 7 storied abandoned factory. Some of the windows were shattered and weeds and over grown shrubs were everywhere.

The first thing I noticed when I exited the car was the chilliness of the air. Me and the other girls were really frightened already and pleaded with the guys not to go in there. But I think because of the alcohol there consumed earlier, it made them kind of stupid.

The car was parked just a few feet away from the gate because in the front of the gate were heaps of rubbish; broken furniture and stuff. While we made our way to the gate, a fog on the ground started to appear out of nowhere and the wind started to raise. And it was this time that me and the other girls decided enough is enough and we immediately squatted down and hid our head within the folds of our arms. I remember while with my head tugged down I can see on the ground where I had squatted the fog is getting thicker and thicker and I can hear the wind making whistling noise. I was very scared and started to pray and told my two other female friends to do the same. The guys laughed and continued their way to the gate and climbing over it. After a while, I can hear that their voices are getting softer as they made their way into the factory.

I can still hear them talking as if discussing which way to enter the building. This time I look up to see where they are and I can see one of them is shining a touch at the facade of the building. Suddenly one of them shouted and the next thing I saw, three of them were running back to the gate, with one person laughing while running. They reached the gate and climbed over and came to us. Me and the other girls stood up and told them we wanted to leave immediately.

We asked the guy who shouted what happened. He said that when he was shining his touch at one of the windows, he saw a shadow with red eyes looking back at him. Immediately after he said that, ALL of us heard those familiar digital charm of a factory announcement: “Daen… daen… daen… daen……….” followed by the howling of dogs….

We ran to the car as fast as we could and drove off immediately.

Second Story – Unwelcome Visitor

This story happened not long after the factory story. My ex-girlfriend was staying by herself in an apartment around Bangkok, Lad Phrao area ( I know which condo but I will not mention names here ).

Same thing, I will be quoting her by translating what she told me in Thai from now.

I was having an afternoon nap when I suddenly become wide awake and jump straight up from my bed. I don’t know what it was but I felt something in my room with me ( when I was all alone ). I turn to my right where my desk was and right then, the arm chair ( those typical black study arm chair with rotating axis and wheels at the bottom ) turned very quickly and swiftly and stopped at an angle where the front seat faces directly at me. ( it was as if someone was sitting on the arm chair, and swing his weight to the right and stopped with the feet )

I was so scared but I pretended to remain calm. My handphone was beside me then, so I slowly picked it up with shaking hands and called my ex-boyfriend. I asked him if he could come over now because something happened to me.

After I put down the phone, the chair is still at the same position ( as if the thing seating on it was watching me ). I didn’t moved until my ex-boyfriend opened the door and and ran and pulled him outside and told him what happened.

He helped me moved the chair to the dumpster downstairs after wards.

Third Story – Unwelcome Visitor 2

This story happened not long after the second story. It happened in the same apartment.

As usual, I will be quoting her by translating what she told me in Thai from now.

I was sleeping at night when I suddenly woke up ( my eyes remain closed as I felt the same feeling that someone was in the room with me despite me being alone ) The only sound I could hear was the soft humming of the air-condition and the occasional soft street noise down the alley.

Then suddenly, I can hear the sound of a loose wheel chair going around my bed ( despite the fact that my bed has the head against the wall ) It sounded like someone sitting in a wheel chair and pushing and going around my bed. I closed my eyes and prayed as hard I can. The sound got faster and faster and then suddenly it was gone. I immediately jump straight out of bed and dashed out of my room.

Fourth Story – Unwelcome Visitor 3

This story happened when I was still with her. Being in a long distanced relationship with her, our only way to see each other everyday was through Skype. And during weekends, when both of us aren’t working, we will make it a point to stay at home to ‘see’ each other. ( yes we did that for almost 4 years, most weekends and every night )

On one particular Sunday afternoon, while I was on my PS3 and she taking a nap in her bedroom ( new condo – those 32 sqm small studio apartment with a small kitchen, small living room, 1 toilet and 1 small bedroom kind ) and her laptop was in living room. Suddenly I heard her shouting and screaming while she ran from her bedroom to the living room laptop. I can see through the skype cam that she was pretty freaked out and shaking and was crying and talking very fast.

She said while taking her nap, she suddenly woke up but she cannot moved her body, she can only moved her eyes. She glanced down and saw a figure sitting slightly back face at the corner of her bed. It was a female wearing white with messy long hair. She cannot speak and when she tried to shout for me no voice came out.

The figure started to turn her head and her body slightly. The way it moves is like stop-motion in ‘dropped frame’ motion. Her hair was covering her face. Just as it was about to raise her head to reveal her face, my ex-girlfriend closed her eyes and pray silently inside.

And then thats when I heard all the screaming and shouting…

Ok thats all. It may not be very scary at all but it sure spooked me out listening to her stories and watching her like that through the skype cam.

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