The 13th Floor

I’m gonna tell a true story that happened to me more than 5 years back.

I was staying at a hotel at Genting for a night with my girlfriend and our room was on the 8th floor. That night, coming back from our midnight stroll, we headed to the lobby lift and press 8th floor. There was just 2 of us.

The lift reaches 8th floor but refuse to open, instead, it continued to rise. We try pressing other floors and try all buttons, but it just continue to go up. Upon reaching 13th floor, it just stop.

The door didn’t open, power was still on, but refused to move.

So we press tee emergency button and told them our lift is stuck at 13th floor and refuses to move or open. About 10 minutes later, there were knock from the other side of the lift door and a pair of hands pry it open. It was 1 of the guard, letting us out.

We got out, took another lift and return back down to 8th floor.

After the guard freed us, that lift continues to operate, doesn’t show signs of faulty.

We do notice something, that the 13th floor is completely vacant, because it was dark, all the lights were off. There r rooms, but no signs of habitant. That is the 1st time I witness myself the myth that some buildings leave the 13th floor out for unexplained reasons.

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