Screeching Sound

This story I’m going to tell is about a hotel in KL. Its pretty famous and if you know the hotels well enough, its one of the more popular one which comes with a kitchen and a huge bathroom in the golden triangle, with a pretty huge forest reserve right next to it.

After finishing my work at about 1am I decided it call it a night. I turned off my laptop, made sure my Ipad was in sleeping mode and crawled into bed. At about 3am I woke up to my phone lighting up, like I was getting a phone call or alarm ringing. I took it, but there was nothing. Feeling it was just an isolated incident, I placed the phone down next to my bed. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the screen on Ipad begin to power on and off a few times. Not just one. This was strange as it was always off.

At this point I sit up at the corner of the bed, but directly ahead of me I notice my the TV is doing the same thing. The lights are coming on/off in no specific order. At this point I am a bit freaked out, so I turned on all the lights with the master switch and everything is back to normal. About 5 minutes or so, I get back under my blankets with lights off, now, my windows are facing the forest and I could see the shadows of the trees right in front of me, with the curtains slightly opened and I got the strange but very real sensation that I was being watched. It was seriously overwhelming. I sunk lower into my bed. What happened next, I have no explanation for, but it was terrifying, I began to hear knocking and thumping noises on the window and then screeching noises begin to appear. Imagine someone dragging their fingernails down a wall. That’s what it sounded like. Knowing that I’m staying at a decently high level, with no balcony and no trees branches within 20 ft of the windows, this was not man made and I was praying like mad begging the sound to go away.

I don’t know how I managed to fall asleep that night, but I did.

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