Friendly Cuddle

I was a cabin crew with MAS in the 90’s. We checked into Hyatt Kota Kinabalu. The stop in Kota Kinabalu was for 3 nights I was given a room on the top floor. The room was right at the end of the corridor and you can’t even see the entrance/door of the room if you were looking along the corridor, as the entrance was through a little space to right of the building.

The room was somewhat strange and smaller than the standard room and from the balcony you can’t see anything except the top of the hotel’s roof! You can still hear the musicians from the reception lounge down below. I took a look around n realised the room was the odd one out as all the other balconies of the other rooms were below the top roof. I remember the bed was also too close to the entrance of the bathroom…kinda like two steps to the right out of bed and you’re already in the bathroom.

I was ‘disturbed’ pretty much the 3 nights I was there. Initially after the 1st night I thought it was just a dream, but when it went on every night, I realised that there was something in that room.

It would start after midnight onwards. Every night I would sleep on my left side facing the balcony and I would be awaken by the feel of the bed mattress shifting as if someone had kneed or stepped on it as if trying to get into bed next to me. Then I felt as if ‘it’ was lying on the bed next to me. Eventually felt an arm lovingly cuddling me from behind and it’s face (if it had any) was right behind my neck.

Didn’t open my eyes although I did recite some Quranic verses in my heart trying to make it go away. I guess I was too tired to bother too much whether it would go away and end up waking up as per normal for the morning flight each time. Felt like a friendly spirit as the cuddle was quite comforting…

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