Baiyoke Hotel In Bangkok

It was early 2013. I was in Bangkok with a large group of friends. We split into 3 rooms on the same floor (if I recalled correctly, it’s the 6th floor. Or 8th.). The rooms were opposite ends of each other. 3 girls in each of the 2 rooms and 2 guys in the last room.

On our first day, in the afternoon some time after checking in, I called one of our friend in the other room to check on what time we will all be heading out. When she finally picked up, she motioned for us to go over her room asap in an urgent tone. When we arrived in their room, the friend that picked up mentioned that just when the phone rang, she heard someone talking to her from the living room while the other 2 girls were sleeping beside her in the bedroom.

On the first night, I was alone with Friend #1 after our shower and were just resting minding our own business in the room (shared bedroom). Friend #2 was out shopping at the night market downstairs. After quite some time, we heard the voice of Friend #2 chatting outside our room to someone (it seems like a conversation but we can only make out 1 voice). After few minutes, suddenly it get really eerie and the Friend #2’s voice was laughing/shrilling. Both Friend #1 and I had major goosebumps and we turned to look at each other. We called out to Friend #2 to check if it’s really her. No response. Silence. And then, “Friend #2” laughed again. We were major creeped out already and called the next room with the 2 guys to come and fetch us. When they came and got us, they confirmed that no one was in the corridor outside our room and they didn’t see our Friend #2 either. So we all just camped out at the guys’ room till Friend #2 returned from her shopping fest only 2 hours later.

That same night too, while my friend and I had our creepy incident, the girls in the other room, apparently at the same time, while they were just chatting in the bedroom, suddenly the shower tap in the bathroom turned on by itself. And switched off by itself.

The next night, while showering, I swear I felt someone was watching me in the toilet. And worse, I heard Friend #1 talking to me from outside the bathroom door, and when I exit the bathroom, there was no one and both Friend #1 and Friend #2 was in the other girls’ room hanging out.

That was about it, nothing visually seen, but a lot of “hearing” things and creepy incidents and goosebumps-fest. WON’T EVER RETURN HERE AGAIN, despite its awesome centralised location. Plus the rooms don’t seem well maintained and no WIFI either.

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