The Cat

It’s probably not really creepy to some of you, but it was to me.

I’ve hardly experienced supernatural stuff, but when i do , i know it clearly.

Just about a week ago, I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook and stumbled upon an article about a cat. It was brutally killed within the vicinity of Bukit Batok. The owner claimed that her cat went out at 5.30am and was found dead at 8am.

One of the cat’s eye was gouged out while the other was on the verge of dropping out. Since the photo of the deceased cat was in a 4 Picture Collage, it was harder to see exactly what happened to the cat.

As such, i zoomed in few times and stared at it for some time. That was how i finally came to realize that the cat’s eye was gouged out. I felt really guilty for having done so, but i was so curious.

Later at night, i was studying in my room. I suddenly got distracted, which doesn’t usually happen to me. I just sat at my desk and the images of the cat floated up in my mind. I prayed in tongues and apologized for my behavior. Straight after that, I heard a soft “Meow”.

Since my house is facing the Garden ( Staying at 8th floor ), i thought it came from downstairs. I told myself :” You’re simply scaring yourself, girl.” (I talk to myself when I’m scared)

Then again, i prayed in tongues. This time, i heard a loud “Meow”; the kind that you hear when the cat is around you. I really felt something different and i dashed out of my room while crying.

My parent’s room is just 4 steps away and they claimed that they didn’t hear a single thing/ weird noises coming from my room.

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