Watch Your Mouth

This incident happened 3 years ago. My uncle passed away due to an illness and left behind his wife and my cousin. Our relatives and my family took pity of them and tried our best to help them as much as we could. As I was not working yet, I couldn’t provide monetary benefits, so I decided to tutor my cousin. Just for info, my cousin is very weak in his studies as he’s very addicted to computer games. So I had quite a difficult time tutoring him as he did not know a lot of basic stuff.

One afternoon I lost my patience and scolded him for being lazy and called him a stupid boy. That night, I had a nightmare, where I dreamt I was at my grandma house. Suddenly there was a very loud knocking at the door and it sounded as though the knocker wanted to bring the door down. I opened it and was shocked to see my dead uncle standing outside. He entered through the gates and sat on the chair. None of my relatives seemed to have seen him, only I was the terrified one. My dead uncle starting laughing in a very spooky and maniac way and leering at me. I was so frightened that I screamed very loudly hoping that my relatives will notice but everyone continued talking.

Then suddenly, they disappeared and it was only my uncle and I alone in the living room. I kept saying sorry to my uncle and he said: dont u ever dare to insult my son before continuing laughing and his face became bigger and bigger and I suddenly woke up from my nightmare. From then onwards, I never dared to speak badly of my cousin anymore.

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