The Curse – Part 2

Some people think that going to a temple to ask for better luck is a waste of time because one’s fate cannot be changed. I think they are confused between one’s luck and one’s fate. Destiny is fated but not completely. With hard work and a little bit of luck, it would certainly helps to smoother one’s career. But if there is no luck, no matter how many hours of hard work you put in or how many meal you have skipped to do the job, the thing you do would just never be as good in everybody eyes.

Luck can be changed to better or worst. Ah Chai’s luck was getting from bad to worse. From someone that was used to make few thousand dollars a month to just $600 a month as a cleaner in a coffee shop. If it was not the papers cut-out, i don’t think i would want to mention this because not many people would believe me. But why don’t he work as a driver or deliveryman which can easily demand a thousand or more. Why does a strong young man like Ah Chai needs to be a cleaner in a coffee shop? A job that only fit for old uncle? A salary of $600 would only enough for a retiree?

Now i tell you, it was all because of the little bit of luck that Ah Chai didn’t have. Every time when he started to look forward a new life with a better pay job, he will be asked to leave less than a month. It was not because he is lazy, in fact he is a very hardworking man. But unfortunately, out of 30 days, he will fall sick for no reason for 15 days. Using words cannot describe how bad his health was during that point of time. But i was told that when he try to wake up in the morning for work, he just couldn’t lift himself up from the bed. Or even if he pulled himself up with a rope tied to his neck and to force himself up, to challenge his ability, next thing is, he will find himself vomiting non-stop. As long as if he stay on his bed, thing would turn better. Nothing would happen to him and he can even be a very healthy man the next day if he lost his job. Common sense would ask him to check with a doctor. The result came out nothing.

Obviously the above is a curse. The curse by the old Ah Ma is now taking effect on Ah Chai. The beginning of his end is to make him suffer, no money, no luck, no health, no love and nothing left…

Ah Chai’s mother is a devoted Buddhist. She is a care taker in a famous Buddhist temple in town. With the help of her temple members, they group together to perform Buddhist rituals on Ah Chai regularly. Thinking that the evil in him can be removed with the Buddhist chants. But, it doesn’t help.

Later, Ah Chai was advised by a reputable monk and with his help, Ah Chai flew to bangkok to shave off his hair and becomes a live-in monk in a Thai temple for about a year. The reason was remained the same, to shake off the whatever evil in him. But again, the same thing and same illness that used to appear in him cannot be shaved off like his hair, every time he found a new job here after he served as a monk in Bangkok, the same old problem would comes back again and again. Never failed.

For your info, up till this point, everyone including Ah Chai thought he was possessed with evil spell in him. No one knows what exactly is the caused of the problem. The curse was never crossed his mind. He has forgotten all the Old Ah Ma said many years ago. Ah Chai was living like a zombie for more than 20 years…How many people can really tolerate for so many years and how many can feel the agony he went through. For many times, he thought of ending his life.

I shall say, Ah Chai is a very strong man. Not just physically but also mentally. Although he has thought of ending the game soon but he never really give up himself to the evil yet. He has been to many big and small temples in Singapore and Malaysia to seek for an answer to his problem. Many could only solve only half of his problem. The first half that they could help is give him a hope that they will get him a solution one day, the other half is can still keep him alive for awhile.

OK, before i go further, maybe i should clarify here that i am not trying to say my temple is very good and effective with this type of cases. Most of the time in order to successfully solve a case, there are many factors involved to make it work. One of the examples is fate. The fate between the devotees and the deities. If the two can blend very well together, the communication and many would be much easier to work things out. So for Ah Chai’s case was one of a classic example that my Ah Pek can blend to his body and soul.

Anyway, one late night, i got a call from Ah Chai. That was the first time he calls me. A very excited and hopeful voice from the other end says: “Bro, i visited your website and I’ve read all your true stories, i think maybe you would be the only one that can help me.” He than carry on to tell me his very ‘koh lian de’ story. He only managed to share 1/4 of his life story to me before i burnt my ears and over-heat my hand phone battery. So we decided to meet in my temple on the next session.

On the day when we met, the first time when i see him, the first impression Ah Chai gave to me was, he has a pair of sleepy eyes. He looks very tired despite the facts that he has a muscular and looks healthy body. He came to me with a pair of very warm palms to shake my hand and a voice of hope in his greeting. He shooks my hand so hard that if he has met a living Buddha. keke (serious, if only you have seen it) He then carry on to tell me the other 1/4 of his ‘koh lian de’ story.

Very soon, his Q number was calling. So we walked into the temple together to see my boss. Ah Chai and his wife was standing on the left side of Ah Pek and I was on the right doing the translation. When Ah Pek was trying to check his abacus after a brief intro by Ah Chai, Ah Chai suddenly feels uncomfortable with his chest. This symton is exactly the same as he felt in the morning before he wants to go out to work. Soon, he feels like throwing out. Ah Pek quickly uses a spelled talisman to control the evil in him. Ah Pek tried to find out more details from him but Ah Chai was too weak to even talk. Instead of standing, he is seating beside Ah Pek with 2 big guys supporting him at his sides. If you were first time to my temple, you may thought he was dee ya pek in trance sitting beside Dua Ya Pek with a bull and a horse. keke

Anyway, to cut short the story, Ah Pek knew this is not an ordinary case, and we are unable find out more from Ah Chai base on his situation now, so Ah Pek gave him 2 talisman for him to bring home and come back next week. One talisman is to make sure he can come back again next week, the other one will reveal all the information to Ah Pek in the next session after Ah Chai bring it home. It was a ‘talking’ talisman.

So lets wait to see what would happen next…

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