The Death Instinct

I don’t know if this is considered supernatural but I seemed to have gained a very special gift. Believe it or not, I can know when a person death is coming. This happened 5 times for me to really believe it.

You see, back then I had a maid from Indonesia and I confide in her telling that I dreamt of this dream. To put in short sweet words “A Flying Pontianak ” She told me to not to be joking about it as it means in their beliefs, someone in your family line will die. I told her that I wasn’t and sadly, my grandfather passed away…

Soon after she went back to Indonesia as she has a family to take care of. So the next thing I told was my siblings, elder sis didn’t believe, only my younger sis and brother. The next time I had that dream, I immediately told them, Someone in our family line is gonna pass away in the next 3 months! Again, sadly, our cousin from Malaysia, died due to high fever..Fever wont cool down no matter what the doctors did. In the end, from the fat uncle I knew, became skinny and blind and ultimately moved on.

Younger sis and sro straight away believe me but still not sis happened again. I told them and they said “Ya right, as if ” Well they took back their words and before you know it, again..Our cousin from my mom side died in the sleep..

By this time, I was a believer but wasn’t fully believe that i had this fore sensing. I dreamt again and told my siblings, doubting my words, they said ” Where got such thing so many of our cousins died in 1 year. ” Well, again..Another cousin from my mom side died again due to heart attack..

The fifth time it happened..I immediately told them and they believed it..My cousin uncle was angry with his in-laws for being a useless housewife and lazy too.(Its a fact) This happened in Malaysia. So being angry, he took a bottle of kerosene and pour it over their bikes to set it alight but sadly, some kerosene got on him and when he tried to light the bikes, he got burned himself. He survived the burns, everyone was happy but being me. I told my dad, he wont make it, I had that dream. Dad scolded me for being negative and my siblings supported what I said, still dad would not believe me as he said, my cousin will survive. Yup, two weeks later, he died in that glass case. Yes, they put him in a glass case as there were no skins and it was to prevent infections.

So, I now came to believe I have been cursed to see incoming deaths.. That’s all that has happened for the past year. I rarely put myself in Spooky places as I do not want to attract unnecessary attention, I even go home before 9 pm! A thumb of rule i follow dedicatedly!

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