A Spooky Encounter

My mother used to live in Bukit Timah during the kampong days with my grandparents and her siblings. Although I cannot remember the kampong name, she described it as being near the quarry and the railway. At the back of her house, was the jungle and when it was night, it was very very dark.

Most of my grand aunts and uncles lived in the same kampong and some of my mother’s friends lived there as well. So one day, my mother was walking to school with one of her friends who told her about one of her experiences at night. Her friend had apparently been pinned down and disturbed during her sleep at night by some supernatural force and my curious mother asked her what it was like.

That was a huge mistake because that very same night. It happened to her.

You see my mother is a very light sleeper and she is the eldest child. She and her siblings (my uncles and aunts) used to sleep in the kitchen near the dining area. The kitchen also happens to be near the jungle.

So that night she felt something coming into the house but as far as she knows, everybody is asleep. Then suddenly she felt something pinning her down and attacking her. She tried to turn but each time she turns it will stop. Then attack her when she’s in the same sleeping position. Then she will hear the dining table and chairs move and being dragged around.

Of course my mother wanted to peek but she never did. She wasn’t that brave. So she kept trying to recite prayers. It wasn’t that useful though because she could still feel them around.

This went on for days, weeks and months until she forced herself to memorise the prayers because she was so scared. Even then she can hear it.

It seems that she wasnt the only one who felt it. My grandmother and my uncle and aunt also experienced similar situations but they never really told me. So one day they got some Tok Haji (bomoh) to come.

And its only when Tok Haji arrived and “cleansed” the house did it stop.

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