The Evil Spell

Many ppl think only the spirits could be evil, but that was wrong. The fact is, some human beings are equally evil.

Rain is a young man whom has just got married and has a small family. He is a businessman dealing in home renovation business. Like most businesses, he do also face cash flow problem. However, he didn’t expect an ordinary business nature can cause a big havoc. And that, it becomes a very serious personal business.

Rain has been in the business for many years. Due to some reasons, there were some delay in payments to his sub-contractors and suppliers. Unexpectedly, someone choose to collect the payment in an evil way.

There are many ways to collect outstanding payment from a business associate. Some would choose to use the legal way, some would choose to use hooligan way or some even choose to use hard tactic. If one whom choose to use an evil way, he is as good as prepared to lose all his money because the victim may not be there to make the repayment at all. That was exactly what one of his contractor decided to do to Rain.

In one of the weekday morning sometime in 2005, Rain’s wife opened the house door to find numerous long iron nails strewing outside their HDB flat. She didn’t feel anything was wrong because her husband Rain is a contractor and that she thought it could be dropped outside by Rain. Few days later, Rain started to suffer from a very bad headache. Its stop awhile than come back again and again and again. He went to a doctor but nothing wrong was found on him. He thought he was too stressful and therefore he took a few days leave to stay at home. The few stressless days didn’t manage to keep the pain away. In fact, Rain was sent to the ICU after he collapsed unexpectedly at his home.

Rain’s family members are Buddhist. Nobody felt anything was amiss. They only suspect that it might due to his extensive night works and eventually affecting his health. This is normal, not many people would think it was a spell especially when nothing unusual was mentioned. Rain’s wife did not says anything about what she saw outside their home either.

Rain got a brother-in-law whom was working in China. During one of an unplanned occasion, his BIL met a Buddhist monk when he was visiting a temple there. The monk walked up to him and said this to him;

Monk: Mister, you look very trouble, are you okay?

BIL: Master, i’m fine but my BIL (Rain) is very sick and is now in ICU.

Monk: Oh, is there anything i could help?

BIL: Yes, can you help me to chant prayer for him?

Monk: Sure, so what is his name and date of birth?

BIL: His name is XXXXX and DOB is XXXXXXXXX

After hearing this, the monk look puzzled and said this to him;

Monk: Mister, are you sure the info you provides is correct?

BIL: Yes, i’m sure. Anything wrong?

Monk: I’m sorry to say this, but according to my calculation, the details of the person you provided is no longer exist. He should be dead juz not long ago.

Rain’s BIL was shock! He thought he was not told of his (Rain) dead. So he rang up to Singapore to check if Rain really has gone or was it that the monk made a mistake. He later found out that Rain was still alive but was still remaining unconscious and is in critical condition. Rain’s BIL is a smart guy, he sense something is not right now. He book the next available flight and fly home immediately.

Can you imagine seeing someone that was once weight not less than 70kg and is now lying on a white cold bed with tude all over his body and is weighing not anywhere near 40kg now? Skinny, pale and lifeless, that man is Rain.

People don’t usually realised the importance of health untill you really see one of the helpless being lying on the bed helplessly. Than you would realised that money is not everything in life, a healthy and happy self is.

Rain’s BIL wants to find out the truth, the truth meaning behind the monk’s words and therefore he decided to do something to save Rain.

Through words of mouth, Rain’s wife and his BIL came to our temple. Coincidentally, we have dee ya pek chairing the session that night. After some intensive questioning and calculation, dee ya pek found out that there was not only a spell been used on Rain, an uninvited guest was also living inside their present home. We checked and was confirmed that the uninvited guest was not related to their family. It is a lady spirit.

Dee ya also found out that the Rain’s soul was already gone to the underworld. What was left on the cold white bed in the hospital is just a cold body without spirit and soul. In scientific term, Rain is not dead as far as his heart is pumping. But in the eyes of Taoism, he is gone spiritually.

Now, what we can do to save him is to summon his soul from the underworld and at the same time, break the spell and get rid of the uninvited lady spirit from his home. All are equally crucial. To do all these, and to deal with an evil spell, it can only be done in a very spiritually ‘dirty’ place. As such, a trip to an abandon cemeteries was inevitable and must be done real soon.

Dee ya pek was extremely excited with the coming event, he specifically passed down a few extraordinary instructions for us to follow. We were warned that the event must be very well prepared not because it is to be held in a deserted cemeteries but also a spirit is involving. For now, nobody know the intention of the lady spirit whom found living in Rain’s home. Mishap can be happened to any helper there if she possessed evil resentment or if things were not handle in the right way.

With every beginning, there is an end. If there is a path, there is a gateway. One of our vital task that night was also to summon the soul of Rain from the underworld. We line-up alot of candles along the walkway leading to an edge of the deserted cemeteries to our pre-positioned altar at the far end. We were told that the hell of gate was located there and the frame of candles are to help leading the Rain’s soul from the darkness. A water-melon was also used and it has to be a red flesh one to symbolise blood. After some rituals, the water-melon was hammered with nails and it breaks into pieces with spattering of red juicy melon flesh to symbolise that it was blood and that was to move the spell from a human victim to the water-melon. (in my pic taken in the scene, you can see that something like a shape of a bull head rised up during the breaking, that’s the spell)

One of our most important task that night was also to summon the lady ghost dee ya found in Rain’s home. Ritual was made to her and offering was offered. In fact, the offering to her was alot. That was to keep her away. Just like what you saw on my picture, she came to collect what she deserved. I was told that the lady ghost was used for the spell by someone on Rain. Dee ya had a negotiation with her and eventually an agreement was met. She was supposed to take what she deem deserved and leave Rain alone. That is why you can see her going near to dee ya pek unchallenged.

It was never an easy task as far as human live is in question. Be it the victim, his family members at the scene or the temple helpers. We took all precautionary measures very seriously. The ritual was finally over after past midnight.

The next day, we received a bad news and a good news from his family. The night when we were performing the ritual, one of the Rain’s close kin was asked to stay in the hospital to monitor Rain’s situation. This was to ensure that he would not be affected from the ritual and that if anything would to be happened to him, at least we can be notified and situation can be taken care right away. Well, nothing was happened to Rain. But according to his sister whom was staying at Rain’s bed all the time while we were performing the ritual of summoning his soul, she said she saw Rain’s feet was moving in motion as seen like he was walking to somewhere. That must be the motion of him walking to the ritual ground. It may sounds unbelievable but it was true. Rain’s soul was successfully summoned from the underworld. His facial get radiate by the day. But, just when everyone were expecting for his recovery, the bad news surfaced.

Because of the delaying in seeking for help, his body was severely breakdown after so long. His kidney and some other vital parts of his body were diagnosed malfunctioning. Unfortunately, Rain did not make it to tell this story himself. However, he was just lucky enough to regain consciousness to leave some last words to his family.

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