The Haunted Apartment

The story is about a haunted apartment in Australia, Brisbane. I studied overseas in Brisbane for 3 years. But this story is not about me, it’s about my housemate Jolin who stayed in this apartment for a few months before she moved to my house. As her story is very long with many incidents, I will just shorten it with a few significant incidents that happened to her.

I have been to the apartment myself, together with my buddy Adrian (not his real name). We were given the keys to the house to the apartment to move some furniture. The apartment is an old 2 story Queenslander apartment with the kitchen and living room on the first floor and 3 bedrooms on the 2 nd floor.

Went we went in, we immediately felt weird. The air was stale and the apartment was extremely messy with things strewn all over the place. It was dark and had cobwebs over the doors. Both Adrian and I wondered how a place occupied by 3 ladies could be so messy. Later on we found out from Jolin (not her real name) that the house was actually occupied by a family of ghosts, and every time they went to school and came back they found the house in a total mess. After awhile they gave up packing the house and left it to be messy.

Some spooky incidents Jolin told us:

They could often hear footsteps of people running about on level 2 when they were watching TV on the first level. But there was no one else in the house other than them!

They often feel as though someone is watching them behind their back when they are alone. Jolin felt this while she was bathing one night. Immediately she took a bible and placed it in the bathroom with her. After her bath she found greenish slime on her bible.

One night while returning home from school together, Jolin noticed a black shadow by the side of the lamp post. It was darting from lamppost to lamppost at amazing speeds while they were walking home as though it was following them. When they reached the apartment, Jolin saw the black shadow fly up instantly to their apartment, which was 3 stories up!

The gals were scared and often slept together in 1 room. One night Jolin could not sleep, but her 2 friends were fast asleep. She suddenly saw the room door open by itself. She pretended to be asleep. She then heard her friend mumble words in her sleep like “Help me”, “Don’t touch me”. After awhile, her friend stopped mumbling those words, and she saw the door open and close by itself again as though someone was leaving.

The 3 girls knew something was in the house with them and had a discussion in the living room as to whether they should move out. Jolin was then very angry and being the brave woman she is, she shouted out “I refuse to believe in things that I can’t see!” That night, Jolin had to go into her room in level 2 to get her mobile phone. She did not bother to turn on the lights when entering. She saw something that she will not forget for the rest of her life. She saw a very scary looking human head floating in the room staring at her. She did not describe the exact details of the head to us as she did not want to remember it herself. After she saw it, she turned around and calmly walked away saying “Ok, I believe”.

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