The Haunted Hospital

There was always rumor, going around for some time in the hospital. There something was “inside” the building. But of course, most of the story arent real, most of them a fragment of the imaginative human mind. But how do u explain this story? Here is a story about a certain hospital..

In this hospital, there have always been complain from the patients that they were been disturbed in the middle of the night. There would always be knocking loud enough to wake them up, and there would also be reports of pinching by “thin air”. After some checking out, it seem that all those cases are related on one point. All the complainer’s would have been warded inside this particular ward (The name eludes mi, let’s just call it Ward A.) It seem pretty harmless, but over time, the complains got more and more wild. Soon they had no choice but to close down the ward. However, a doctor offered to “try” out the ward for a night before it close. What happened made his skin crawl.

He was seated in his bed in Ward A. The lights were still brightly lit. He was reading a book he had just bought to keep him accompany. It was nearing 9 o’clock in the morning. He yawns.

Just then, something seems to move in the far corner of his eyes. He whip over, expecting to see “something interesting”. But all that he see was the chair and the decorative painting on the wall.

Disappointed yet relived, he sigh.


The wards light are turned off. The doctor switch on his personal lamp that is above his head.

Continuing to read his book, he ignores much of the surrounding…

10 PM

The doctor has have enough of reading the book. He decided to retire for the night. Leaving the light on, he falls asleep.


Slight rattering awoke him. He stared at the source of the sound. It seem to have come over his left side, where the chair was located. He also found that a part of his arm seems slightly pinched. He made a mental note before going back to sleep.


Something woke him up. It seems the light was disturbing his rest. He reached out and switch off the light before retiring back to bed.


He awoke with a start. He had a bad feeling churning in his gut. Something was not right. The chair which had been on his left side have been place directly in front of the bed. In the moonlight, he could make a blacjh shape sitting on the chair. That jolted him awake. Now fully consious, he realise that someone, or something was mumbling to him. He spinned his head over to his left, where the chair was.

He saw….

Several dark figures, staring back at him. Unlike the one sit in the chair, these dark figures had red bloodshot eyes. He also saw that more and more of these figures were climbing out of the painting on the wall. Spooked out, he screamed. Those “stuff” just stared back at him hollowly.. He fainted..

After that incident, the ward was sealed for quite a while before a priest was engaged to remove the paintng on the wall. Soon after the painting was removed, it seems that every thing is alright.

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