The Mirror

Many people have the opinion that ghost does not appear on mirror because they don’t have a reflection. And this, according to certain people, is due to the fact that ghost has no soul. However, some would argue that ghosts are merely souls without their solid form.
In my opinion, as long as the ghost appears solid, i.e., if they are not transparent, they should have a reflection on the mirror. Nevertheless, to a group of students, the argument of ghost having reflections on the mirror is not an important issue at all.
I have to point out that the following account may have happened in the school toilet itself although the initial impression I got was that it happened in the hostel toilet. Hence, in the story, I will assume that it happens in the hostel.

A lot of students claimed they have seen their reflections on the mirror becoming ‘alive’. Everybody knows that when you turn right, your reflection on the mirror would turn left, and vice-versa. Nevertheless, the mirrors in this hostel would do otherwise. That is, if you turn right, the reflection, as if alive, would turn right as well. Many students and teachers experience that phenomenon but when they realised something was not right, everything would be back to normal. According to them, this phenomenon only happens when you are not looking exactly at the mirror and are not paying attention on it.
You may argue that it is mere psychological effects and that’s what those who had experienced it thought so too, until they came together and realised that so many others experience the same thing.

Although this is not scary, the mirrors, or perhaps the ghosts, have another trick that would set their victims screaming and crying in fear.

One early morning, everyone was awoken by a loud scream of a girl. According to the girl, she bent down near to the sink to wash her face. When she stood up straight and looked into the mirror, she saw what made her screamed out in fear. She claimed that those drops of water on her face appeared as drops on blood. She thought it was her blood at that moment and yelled out loud. She rushed back to her room and told her roommate. Her friend convinced her it was only water but not blood.

By then, everyone has rushed out of their room and gathered around outside the girl’s room trying to find out what had happened. One of them later told the housemaster about the incident. The housemaster said there is nothing he could do. However, he did not rule out the story of that girl as ridiculous and, in fact, he advised the residents not to go to the toilets alone. Later he told some students that the incident was unexplainable as it has happened many times in the past. According to him, it is better to leave the “thing” alone as any action may cause the incident to repeat itself even more often.

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