The Shadow

This is a true story that happened to my grandmother a few years ago.

Late one night my grandmother was not feeling too good. Her husband (my step-grandfather) was away at work and my grandma was left all alone in their 3 bedroom house. Grandma wanted to drink some tea to soothe her sore throat so she decided to go out to the kitchen. As she stepped out of her room she heard a weird noise outside of the house.

She just let it slip her mind because she thought that it was just one of the cats outside. A few minutes later that noise came back only it was louder and much more clear. She decided to check it out. She slowly opened the front door and took a little peek outside. Just then she saw a shadow run past the front door.

Grandma shouted out “who are you, what do you want?” But there was no response. Grandma stepped out a little further out and she felt that there was someone looking at her. As she looked up at the roof she saw a huge shadow figure of a man looking down at her. She was so frightened she ran into the house and lit some candles. A while later her husband came home and grandma was wide awake waiting up for him. She told him of the experience that she had and he told her that it was said that their house is built right on top of an old cemetery.

Weird huh?

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