The Spooky Journey

I’m a guy from Republic Poly and would like to share this particular ghost encounter of mine that happened a year ago. It was indeed my first encounter and I must say I was completely freaked out.

So the story goes pretty much like this, as far as I can remember.

It was on a weekday, just like a normal school day where students attended lessons as per usual. Me and a friend of mine, named S, a girl(D) decided to stay late to finish up our daily assignments. By the time we have completed our assignments, it was already 8.45 pm. We were still in school with only a couple of students seen loitering around. At that time, I guessed the night was still pretty young, so, I thought maybe we could do something just to kill time before heading home.

S agreed and suggested that we take a walk down the admiralty park, that has a track stretched from Sakura (restaurant located at the park) till the prison situated at the back of our school, that is located about lesser than 400m from the restaurant, which leads us quite a distance from school. I was not aware of that track at the park as it never came across my mind to roam around until that far (I have been to Sakura though). Both of us have never walked down that track before and so, at least for myself, I was not expecting any ghost encounter or whatsoever at that moment of decision and hence I went on with her idea. What you might not know, which makes it a lot freakier, is that S has a third eye. She had it ever since she was young and told me that it gets disturbing and frightening at times.

So getting back to the story, upon reaching Sakura, I asked S, “You sure you wanna do this?” She nodded, feeling rather positive about it. So, we set foot right outside the restaurant and that was when the spooky journey began. We have completely no idea what lies ahead.

It was about 9 pm when it all started. We took a few steps forward. The park or what appeared to be just a track, in the middle, surrounded by huge trees by the side, was pretty empty and deserted. There was nothing interesting about it. But we still went on with the plan to explore the park.

At the beginning of the journey, we can see everything (the track and the trees) clearly as it was still bright (source of light from the restaurant). So, with a quick pace, we entered deeper into the dark. The further we walked, the darker it gets, which means, the creepier it felt. Few minutes later down the track, we lost sight of the restaurant and the only source of light we got was from the light reflection from the moon. We can barely see the track, just like how I barely see her face. It was as though we were completely isolated from the realm. The only noise heard was from the sound of the crickets and the sound of our footsteps.

Another 10 minutes down the track, suddenly everything was pin-drop silent. Weird. S stopped. There was this eerie chill down my spine and I felt very uncomfortable but I just kept it to myself. S was attentively observing and staring at a group of tall trees that stood far ahead from us. Her behavior was totally strange. A few seconds later, she asked me a question I never expected to hear, “Do you wanna go back or continue this journey until the end?” sounding rather worried. It was not a good sign and from that moment onwards I knew something was not right.

We are about halfway through this track I think. “Lets just end this and get home?” I suggested. And so we continue walking. I couldn’t see much, my vision was vague. So I just stick to her. As we were walking, S stopped again. She bent down to take a closer look at something on the track. I was not sure what it was at first. It looks like a shoe to me. Then she told me it was a black bird.(Oh! It is just a bird. No big deal.) As we moved forward, that bird flew off. S was looking at it as though it was strange. I wonder why. But I ignored the fact and just kept on walking further down. Just as we were about to increase our pace, S came into a halt, once more. And again, she bent down, staring at a small black figure on the track ahead of us. “Is that a bird?” I asked. “Yes”. Then S came whispering to me, “It is the same bird we encountered previously?” (What is wrong with this bird? Why does it have to keep appearing in front of us? How weird.)I was not paying any attention to it because I thought maybe it was just a coincidence. As expected, the bird flew as we walked towards it. This time, much faster.

S was already busy looking around as though she was searching something. I, on the other hand, was already imagining the worst. I saw glimmers of light from in between trees ahead of us. (It must be the lamps along the street. We are getting nearer to the end.) However, it was still pitch dark. I noted her about that and we strode along the track, this time, I was quite eager to leave. S was constantly checking out those tall trees to our left. Her behavior was giving me goose bumps. And then again, S stopped out of a sudden. This time round I was already expecting the same bird to be on the track in front of us. Shocking as it may seem, it was in fact the same bird, on the same spot right in front of us, stationary. I was clueless to what was happening and puzzled. Why is this happening? What is going on here? I don’t wish to ask S about it until we have finally leave the place.

As we took a few steps forward towards the bird, something very frightening happened. We both thought that the bird was about to fly off. But NO! That bird that has been distracting us since just now shape-shifted itself into a huge black figure and flew right in front of our very eyes. S screamed out loud as we dodged trying to protect ourselves from any harm. My heart was beating furiously. I was frozen for a while. It was nothing like anything I have seen before. Frightening looking, black and huge. S looked equally as shocked by it but I’m very sure she knew what happened. We quickly walked through the entire journey without even looking back and stopped at a bus stop nearby the prison. Once in the bus, she told me everything that spooked me even more.

The reason why she asked me whether I wanted to continue the journey or not was because apparently she saw a whole bunch of white ladies (Pontianaks) floating and hanging by the tall trees that was right ahead of us, looking at us, but was too afraid I freaked out if she were to tell me about it and so she kept it to herself. She knew that the journey will be risky.

And that bird we saw was strange to her at first because from what it looks like, that bird was literally sitting on the track, alone. There were no sights of other birds around and come on, as far as I know, birds don’t sit on other places apart from their nest (when I say sit it means body touches the ground, legs are kept under their body, unseen). Whats even strange is that even though we are just a few steps away (about 4 metres) from that bird, it does not even move. It stayed put on ground. Naturally, birds will move away once they spot foreign presence, however, not for this particular bird. IT WAS IN FACT SOMETHING ELSE THAT APPEARED PHYSICALLY AS A BIRD.

The same thing happened again for the second time. It was the same bird. According to S, it was trying to scare us away so that we don’t trespass their territory. But because we still carry on with the journey, for the last bird encounter, it got angry it showed itself in an attempt to scare us off away. What appeared to be a bird was actually a dark soul that intended to harm us because we just trespassed their territory. What a nightmare.

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