The Story Of SQ006

SIA have removed SQ006 permanently from their time table. The flight number is now replaced to SQ030. The return flight of SQ005 now SQ029. From now on, SQ006 is history. The flight number was change after SIA investigation team and management found something spooky happened on SQ006 final flight.

Believe or not,if u recall, exactly 1 year ago on the date that SQ006 crashed, there was a Taiwanese SIA stewardess murdered in a hotel in LA. The murder suspect was her fellow colleague. Her naked body was dismembered and hidden in a cupboard. Do you know that she was wearing red when her body was flown back to Singapore on SQ005 via Taipei and wore red when she was buried. Her mother wore red too to receive her body at Changi Airport. Exactly 1 year (31 October) later on her death anniversary,the plane crashed in Chang Kai Shek Airport. Coincidentally, this was also the day the “murderer” steward was released from prison. The SQ006 TPE-LAX sector was schedule to leave TPE at 10.55pm.

As there was an approaching typhoon, SQ006 captain & flight officers decided to board the plane and depart 15mins earlier. The L1 & L2 door were not closed till the 10.55pm (the original departure time). Reason being the numbers of passengers do not tally with the passenger lists in the economy section. One of the junior stewardess counted 5 times and advised her colleague that she cannot tally the passengers in the economy section. Both of them counted the people again and confirmed on an extra passenger in the cabin.

When they re-counted the passengers with the chief stewardess again the number of passengers were correct. Later, the junior stewardess informed her chief stewardess that 1 of the lady passenger sitting in 40A (in front section of the economy class) was not there and cannot locate her in the lavatory either. The flight was pushed back as schedule. The 2 junior stewardess were among the casualties in SQ006 and none of the passengers in the front economy section survived the crash. As for the chief stewardess suffered slight injuries as she was sitting in the business class section. While preparing the flight for LAX in the business class section, one of the male in-flight supervisor who can “see things” happened to see a lady flipping through the passengers listing which was placed on one of the list class cabin table.

As there were cleaners in the cabin vacuuming, he did not shout at her but when he make to the 1st class section,there were no sign of this lady. The male in-flight supervisor was among the survivors unscratched as he was sitting at the back section of the economy cabin. This story was brought up during investigation interview with the SQ006 crews.There was suspicion that the murder a year ago could have involved more then 1 person but they were let off. It was belief that the accomplices could have been in the SQ006. It was understood that one of the male in-flight steward who died in this crash is a buddy of the murderer. The flight number was immediately changed after this interview.

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