Haunted Condo Lift

Heard a scary story from a friend – this happened to her on a Friday night. She returned home at about 3am to her condo. When the cab was about to pull into the lobby, she saw a woman dressed in blue beside the lift.. didn’t think much about it as she thought it was just someone else who was waiting for the lift or who just left her place. After paying for the cab and walking to the lift (took about 2-3 mins), the woman was not there any more. She didn’t think too much of it.

However, the spooky thing is what happened next. The lift doors are the kind that remain closed at level 1 until someone presses the button. However, the doors were just closing as my friend neared the lift => someone had just entered the lift (it couldn’t be the other possibility that someone (maybe the blue lady) had just exited the lift, because the doors would have been closed long before my friend had finished paying the cab fare etc). Also from my friend’s point of view she would have been able to see anyone else walking around at that hour.

So my friend assumed that she would have to wait for the lift and so she expected the lift to start moving upwards. However the lift stayed at level 1. At this point in time, my friend was feeling a little uneasy. She lives on the 8th floor so she didn’t fancy trudging up 8 flights of steps at 3am.. she decided to press the lift button. She told me at that point in time, she would have totally freaked out if she had seen the woman in blue inside.

The lift was totally empty. But when she stepped in and pressed the button for her floor, and all the way until the 8th floor, she experienced very strong goosebumps and felt cold. Even when she was unlocking the door to her home she felt the goosebumps. It was only after she stepped into her own home that she felt much more normal.

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