Red Little Girl

This story happened at Taiwan . In hualien (forget the place so use this to replace) there is a cave . One day a family of four decided to go there to experience the quietness of the cave and mountains . Three days after returning from the trip,their father died from heart failure . They were so shocked as their father was a very healthy man . But they didn’t thought of much during that time . After the funeral , the family misses him so much . And their daughter decide to take out their camera to look at the video they took on their trip . ( as you know when you travel to a new place , you will tend to take down pics & videos etc to keep as a memory right ?) .

Tears rolled down her cheeks , that was until she saw something very strange . The video goes like this . She is the one holding the camera & all the family members take turn to say hi to the camera . All happily smiling . BUT when it reaches her fathers turn , she noticed there was a pair sort of vampire teeth lookalike on her fathers mouth . She thought was the cameras problem . But it wasn’t the case as it reaches her mother’s turn . the image was perfectly fine . shocked at these , she decided to let the other family members look at the video. That was then another shocking thing happened . All of them saw a girl standing very far behind their father , the girl is wearing a red hood & black pants . Although she look like a girl BUT when they try to make out her face , her features was those of an old lady .

They were so scared as when they made the trip. They were very sure no one else was there. Nobody knows what exactly happen. Half a yr past, 3 mountain travelers decide to go to the mountain to enjoy the caves & mountains too. When they reached the cave , they decided to take a pic in front of the cave to remember that very moment . Soon , they went to sleep . The next day , they decided to go home . Mr Lin was walking in front , Mr Wong in the center , Mr tan behind Mr Wong . Walk walk walk . It was then they noticed Mr Wong is missing . They were so scared as if Mr Wong walk to the front surely Mr Lin will saw him . But he didn’t . And if Mr Wong stop or go right or left Mr tan would surely know too . BUT NO . he just disappeared like this . It was then the searches who went up to look for him , found Mr Wong at another mountain .

But what was so strange is that the road link to the another mountain is not suitable for men’s leg . Only for those wild beast or something . How could he reach there within a day? The family distraught by the news of his death and decided to look at the pic he last took . Then the same thing happened . The red little girl appeared on the pic but this time it wasn’t behind him but she was standing on top of the cave , looking down at Mr Wong .

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