Singapore Secret Tunnel

There were these 4 chinese high school boys, who went to explore and found this tunnel. This tunnel is quite special, when you enter it, after a distance, it will separate into 4 lanes, and after a distance, it will separate into another 4 lanes. and so on.. and so forth.

From what i remembered, this is to help people to escape( i think it was built during war times). Not everyone will be at the same place, at least some will survive. So these 4 boys, went into the tunnel and never came back. The police were alerted and they were brought in to search for them.

The first time they went, 4 police officers went in to the tunnel and saw a shoe belonging to the school boys at the entrance. But they never came out after that.. upon seeing the seriousness of this problem, the police came up with a solution.

The second time they went in, 8 police officers were dispatched in. All of them were tied by the waist by a very thick rope, those that are very thick to the point that u can’t cut it using anything.. the police officers were told to tug at the ropes at any point in time if they encountered anything so that they could pull them back.

After waiting for a very long time, there was nothing from the police officers that went in to the 4 holes. . so the police officers that were waiting outside went in. They found all their crests at the entrance of the tunnel and the ropes all cut off.

The tunnel was then sealed off.

Apparently, the crest is blessed by the 4 religions in Singapore, and it is deemed as the badge that can protect the person wearing it..

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