Haunted Star Virgo

I have an encounter to share. I was on Star Virgo sometime last year with a group of my friends. There was one night just 3 of us were turning in for the night, there are sounds coming from the TV area or toilet.. I tried to dismiss it as some random pipe noise but it gets louder sometimes and at different frequencies (sometimes more hasty sometimes more lapse) so it seems very dubious. The ‘zek zek’ sounds like a TV distortion signal to me and more like water dripping to my friend. Another friend has knocked out, slept.

Anyway I then walk out of bed and went to check out the TV to make sure its fully off and everything in place. I also peer into the toilet (which we kept slightly ajar and lights on) but everything looks good. I wanted to push the door open but the supposedly ‘garang’ me kind of get a chill and decide not to be too adventurous. But everything looks ok because the sounds stopped as I was checking the area out! And i went back to bed, it starts again! But we were too tired (cos it was the first day and we boarded right after work) and just bear with it and slept.

The next morning when showering, there was this tangled bunch of long black hair on the bathroom drainage cover. Just as I was checking with my friend, the third friend who slept early last night says she already saw it last night. So it was like ‘Nah!’ to me and i was more pissed about bad housekeeping than anything…

I’ve happily dismissed this saga as a piping fault and co-incidence until we came back and tell this experience to a friend who often ‘see things’. She says when sounds stop when you approach it, and come back when you leave, confirm it is NOT right!

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