Onboard A Cruise

This story is about my uncle onboard a cruise. Okie some random facts about him, he’s quite big mouth and extremely not superstitious. so when we pray and stuff, he will not believe in it and sometimes he make comments like we’re being cheated of our money when we donate it willingly. basically, he’s still an extremely nice guy although very stubborn and he doesn’t believe in “that kind of thing.” He’s a star cruise VIP, cause he gambles until he become a VIP there. So he can board the ship for free to gamble..

So one day, he went with my aunt.. then my aunt believes in this kind of thing.. so when my aunt first entered the room, she felt a bit uncomfortable and asked my uncle whether they should change rooms. my uncle said she is talking nonsense and they shall remain wherever they are. So they decided to sleep first before going to the casino.. around 6pm, my auntie woke up and say she is going to the casino.. so she asked if my uncle is interested to go. my uncle said that he wanted to continue sleeping and he will go later.

He continued sleeping, then he felt his bed jerking.. and swinging.. he thought that it was because the ship was swaying on the sea.. so he continued to sleep.. then suddenly he felt something pressing on his chest. so he got up, and there was nothing. then he went back to sleep again.

The last straw came in when he felt something smack his face. (According to him), he open his eyes and there was nothing and the moment he closed his eyes again. he felt the slap on his face and heard in Chinese “My bed very nice to sleep ***. how long more you want to sleep on my bed”. My uncle was so freaked out that he dashed out of the room immediately.

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