The Strangest Experience Of My Life

I was a junior in college in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in February 1990. I was going through a lot that year, I suffered a brutal physical attack and I was contemplating quitting school. I was quite depresses so I decided to go for a walk.

The local cemetery was a mile from campus, so I put on my headphones and walked there. This cemetery is quite large and I got directly in the middle of it, when I saw a small child of about five years old with curly blonde locks, a beautiful frilly party dress, no shoes and no coat. She was quite a distance away, but she looked directly at me and waved. My first response was to look around for the kid’s parents because she wasn’t dressed warm enough for this very cold day. There was absolutely no one else in the cemetery. When I turned back to look at the little girl there was absolutely no one there. I looked around the headstones for a few minutes but I couldn’t find her.

It started getting dark and I had a really frightened, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach so I got back to my dorm room as soon as I could. When I got home I told my roommate and the rest of my friends what had happened and we all tried to think of an explanation for this, but of course, we couldn’t. It still bothered me for a few days, but I tried to ignore it. About three days later, I had a dream about that little girl, she told me that her name was Clara, she was family and that she was my guardian angel. She also told me that she was protecting me with a white light and that no harm would come to me if I just held on a little longer.

The next day, I called my mother and told her of the cemetery incident and of my dream. Unknown to me my aunt was making her yearly visit at the time. When I told my mother the name of the little girl, she said, “Oh, my God” and then she turned to my aunt and asked her some questions. It turned out that my mother was a little girl during the depression and they were very poor. My grandparents had about 11 children, but only three survived past the age of six. One of those children who died was named Clara. She was five years old and the only child in the family born with blonde hair.

Every word of this story is absolutely true.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.

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