The Thomson Park

When I were dating, me and gf enjoyed long walks at nature, greenery and scenic spots.

One particular night, we explored lower pierce reservoir, it was already after 10pm. I don’t remember how i drove in, probably through Thomson area. Yup. We parked at a carpark popular with couples who wanna **** in the vehicle. There was a few vehicles with engine, air-con on, but windows all shielded with curtains or shades.

We weren’t in the mood so we decided to take a slow stroll towards the reservoir area. When we reached the reservoir area, we walked towards the “hut” near the water and we stopped at the row of stone benches. We sat down and we wanted to enjoy the cool night. No one was around.

My gf sat on the stone bench and relaxed herself. But somehow, i beginning to feel a weird heavy sensation. There was something wrong with the atmosphere although the weather was cooling and there was slight breeze. The atmosphere was weird, heavy, and i sensed trouble. Perhaps, it is what they called “??” ?

I looked at my gf, she was chilling and seated at the stone bench while i was still standing. I felt something was not right.

Probably 100m away from the stone bench, there was a dense forest and we noticed the there seems to be movements within the forest. Somehow, i am beginning to have the sensation that we were being watched. My gf somehow also turned her attention towards the forest. I could see that she sensed something.

I commented loudly to her its time to leave to have some supper. My gf looked at me weirdly. I held her hand and i tried to calmly walk back to carpark which is probably 200m – 300m away. Although it was a cool windy night, the atmosphere around me is getting denser and more sinister, the sensation of being watched by many is getting stronger.

I held my gf’s hand and picked up our pace back to the carpark. There was suddenly this weird sensation and all my hairs on my neck and back stood and goosebumps all came up.

While walking back but trying not to run, i started random conversations with my gf loudly, and somehow she sensed it and she played along, just to distract our attention from the murderous atmosphere.

We drove off from the carpark but we could still see the other couples are probably having fun in their vehicles.

While driving for supper, gf told me she didn’t sense anything while seated down. It was when we are walking back to the carpark, she started to sense something and she remarked that she felt there was something in that forest.

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