House Hunting

I was previously house hunting, went to see a couple of units. Some of these houses didn’t gave me a good feeling, either too dark, no sunlight streaming in or just this strange oppressive feeling.

One particular unit stood out for me, some condo in Kembangan area, huge space and going for cheap. Was wondering why it was going for so cheap, so went ahead and took a look. Worst decision ever.

The moment I saw the unit, I already sense something not right. Dreaded stepping into it. It was afternoon when we went to view the house, but could tell the house felt dark and forebodding. All the lights in the house were switched on for some reason even though it was in the afternoon.

What struck me was that on top of each door frame, there was a talisman. I found it quite wierd to see a talisman on top of every single door in the house.

The masterbed room was huge but odd shaped. It had a strange sharp angle at one corner and I just found that whole space creepy. Got out of that room fast and I headed on to the kitchen while my husband was talking to the property agent in the living room.

While I was in the kitchen, I suddenly felt something really cold against my ear and neck and then I heard a really sinister voice asking me what I was doing here. Could feel all my hairs standing on end. I didn’t know where I found my courage at that point of time and retorted by asking who are you and this time I looked up and tried to peek out of the window and see if it’s some crazy neighbour at the top playing a trick on me.

There was nothing. And then I heard the voice again, asking me what I was doing here but this time it was even more menacing than before. I was scared half to death and ran out of the kitchen.

Told my husband that we needed to get out of the house immediately and we left in a hurry. Interestingly, the agent didn’t try to stop us. I guess he knew something.

The house was unsold for a long time after that. Not sure if it’s still around though, it was a pretty old condo and I heard that there were many enblocs in that area.

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