Sharing one of my personal encounters. This happen quite long ago…

There’s this mscp near my previous hdb area which my mom told me before very eerie. I think she heard from the previous owners of our flat (then).

I had an ex who claimed that sometimes he can see things (don’t know true or not).

So he had a friend who stays just next to the mscp. Many times we will meet up with him and chit chat under his block. Usually we will sit at the round concrete table facing the more busy road. But that night, the spot was taken.

And so we walk further down the block and sat at another spot, directly opp the mscp. It wasn’t really very late I think about 11plus or 12 midnight. They were still happily chit chatting when suddenly the ex bf signal them to stop.

Then he muttered in a softer tone that we should lower our volume. At first i tot wah since when they so considerate…

Of course, everyone also thought because it’s late.. So they lowered their volume. We continue to chit chat until nearing 1am that we decided to go home… We walked to the mscp.. Kind of silly here, stay 12 blks away also mus ride bike over.

While walking, i heard the ‘infamous’ footsteps… It was the footsteps of those typical ol wearing those cloak shoes.. You can hear the ‘kik kok’ all the way. But, 100% very sure, there was no one. I was already feeling chilly…

That was not the end… When we reached his bike, then he told me earlier when he asked us to tone down, it was because he saw a hideous looking man, behind one of his friends, signalling him to keep quiet.. (motioning the fingers on your lips action).

And almost immediately after he related that to me, he can’t start his motorbike and there was this quick gush of cold wind that came by.

The ‘kik kok’ footsteps is still audible by the way. We both looked up facing the end of the mscp, nothing there… When i turn to look at him, i could see his eyes watery.. (he once told me when he see those things, his eyes will turn watery).

That instant i was like… Omg can i go home now?!!?. Then finally his bike started and we quickly left the place..

I didn’t bother to ask him what he saw when we reach home. Cause even if he cannot see, i myself already felt it..

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