The Spooky Mountain Adventure

Hey guys I have a story to share. I watched it on a Taiwan variety show so can’t be sure if it’s real.

2 guys 1 girl went for trekking. Let’s call the 2 guys A and B, girl will be C..

So they were trekking along some mountainous area. C had a video cam in her hand and was videoing the scenery whenever they walk past nice scenery. Then in the early afternoon, she sprained her ankle and unable to continue. So the group decided to go back and seek treatment.

As they tried to trek back, they couldn’t find the way back. Walk and walk, kept going in circles. As time passes and the weather was scorching, the girl said thirsty and they had ran out of water, A volunteered to go find water while B stayed with C.

A went off for hours, didn’t come back, so B told C to stay at the spot while he go look for A. C began to film down the surroundings while waiting for A and B to return. Then she heard commotion behind her she began to get scare.

To her relief, B appeared from the bushes and told C the bad news. A’s body is in the ravine and he couldn’t get to him and suggest they go out and seek help. Upon hearing A’s demise, C dropped her cam almost fainted.

So B held her up and piggy back her to go out. But the video cam was still filming and later on after the entire commotion, B was nowhere to be found and they went to search for the video cam. After they retrieved the video and download the clip, it shows that C was talking to air and was carried by air….

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