Highway In Nantou

This incident happened somewhere on the highway in Nantou, Genting of Taiwan. We are on the way to Minzu, a friend’s friend’s bf was driving.

6.30pm-ish –It was going to be 45min drive into minzu after exiting from the bigger main high way to another winding road, a bit like great ocean road but much smaller scale. As I am sensitive by nature, after entering this winding road, i had a uneasy feeling. At the same time i try to bush away my thoughts by saying to myself, nah, mai ji-gei hak ji-gei. Just no road light nia. The sun set pretty early so it was super dark dusk by 7 pm.

20 mins later the uneasy feeling persisted and got stronger. Instead of tcss with my friend, i focus on the road just in case, touch wood car accident i can react faster.

Just when i thought of that, less then 5 mins, there was a slight 30deg bend right, then later have another 20 deg bend left. About 100m away to the 30deg bend, i thought i saw something on the left hand side road fence. *the type u see in Singapore expressway the metal short road fence.

I seriously thought it was reflection of the car high beam – totally no street lamp – that shone onto the metal beam. Because i saw the “light” move. Its like 2 moving spot light in theaters, shining towards east between 1 oclock – 4 oclock position.

This blink blink look zbj mention didn’t happen to me. As the car got closer to 40m towards to bend. Omfg it got clearer. It was a pair of long legs, with invisible body sitting on the fence. For that angle, it would appear to me that the ghost body is lying flat on the ground, raised the legs on the metal fencing…….

Inside me i thought, stared 2 more seconds to see if my eyes play trick on me. F**k la, even can see part of the thigh and nice long calf until can see the clear foot shape. Damn ghost jitao knows someone saw it liao. Within split second, i quickly think, cos the car is 15m from the bend.

I seriously no stomach to handle cool-face if “it” fly straight into my face. I turn right to my frd say “hey, i close eyes sleep, you don’t kacau me until we reach the place” i din wait for reply, close eyes and took off my beads and start nam-wu-ohmi to-fo until we reach the place.

3 days later we alreadt left the other pair and venture out in Taipei alone. My friend say “finally in a bright place, tell me what u saw that night” I was like, how u know? I didn’t say anything. “Of course! You started meditating and u never close eyes during a car journey at night”.

So, chuatio doesn’t mean that you dont see it. There is a saying, what you cant see is always at the corner of the eyes when you are not looking.

I encountered a few black shadows in office before, especially i stay till midnight. There are time i need to stay after 11pm, and i sense different, i will shout out “Paisei today i very busy, dun kacau wa, i finish work will pui lang. U do you thing, i do my thing. “.

But the one i encountered in Nantou is cannot pull this stunt. It’s either very mischievous or trying to scare someone into car accident and right swerve into the edge into the rocks and sea.

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