MBS Carpark

Here’s a story my friend told me while he was working as a valet boy at MBS, Marina Bay Sands.

He told me the time he spent working there, there are vehicles that went into the carpark but never came out. The owner of the vehicle either commit suicide after losing big in casino or they die in their room or somewhere else in MBS.

One afternoon, my friend and his colleague was delivering some stuff for the client and he told me his colleague was sitting in the rear holding the baggage while he was driving.

On the way up, his colleague stopped chatting suddenly throughout the rest of the journey but instead just giving the one word reply and rushed him to drive faster.

Not suspecting anything, he drove quickly back to the parking lot but before he knew it, his colleague just walked back to office.

Feeling weird, my friend went and ask him what happened during break and he told them on the way up the ramp, there’s suddenly somebody sitting next to my friend starring at him throughout the journey.

After they parked, the “thing” was still seated, starring at my friend as he leaves the vehicle walking towards the door.

He told me his colleague wasn’t lying because his whole face turned pale and his lip became almost white.

Both of them resigned on that very day, left and till today never step foot on MBS.

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