The UDMC Chalet

It all happened say 3 years back? My brother and his other 9 friends (it was an all-guy chalet) went to the UDMC chalet at Pasir Ris… Well, being mischievous as they are, they were curious and wanted to find out more about “cartoon” (that’s what my brother calls it, but you know better what it meant). So at around 2 – 3 a.m in the morning, they set off to the marshes behind the chalet building.

The place was totally isolated at that time, even the trees are hard to spot. Well then, they marched on in a single file, all 10 brave, retarded young men. As they were moving, they came to a T-junction which splits the path into 2, 1 leading to the right and the other, left. After some discussion, they decided to take the right way in. Strolling in with only 2 torches, the place was really pretty dim and their visibility very much affected, adding to it was that there was totally no light source at all, other then the faint moonlight to guide them through this dark eerie path.

While moving forward, the first guy in the file hit on something hard, somewhat like a hump on the ground. As he couldn’t see properly what was that he was steppin’ on, he didn’t bother much. He also felt something falling off the so-called “hump” thingy. Soon they all came to a dead end, and headed back fer the T-junction. The strange thing was, that particular night the wind was totally calm, or rather, there wasn’t any wind at all. But as the guys passed by the T-junction, moving in to the left path, a sudden gust of wind welcomed them. A really chillin’ feeling it gave them. Despite that, they stupidly carried on their journey. After 2 mins or so of walking, 2 of the guys infront suddenly started to shriek and ran all the way back to the chalet building. My brother who was in the middle thought they were just fooling around and followed them, soon the whole group followed too, shrieking all together. *duh*

When they all arived at the chalet once again, my brother asked his 2 friends as to why they did such-a stupid thing, only to realize that they were both white as snow. The 2 guys actually claimed they saw a faint (not to faint tho’) white lady figure with a white veil covering her face standing behind a tree, and it was watching them for ’bout a min or so. It didn’t move at all for that 2 whole min. T1 of the 2 guys, who’s a Malay told the group to move out of the chalet immediately as that that “cartoon” might follow them back into the building. Upon hearing this, the whole group were stunned and started feeling uneasy.

Soon after, the group went to the beach area fer some fresh air. They all sat on 2 long benches on the beach, side by side. 5 mins passed and my brother’s friends started to leave the beach 1 after another, heading fer the tennis court. At the court my brother initiated the questions as to why they all started moving out. To their surprise, they all said the same thing. They all felt very, very constrained, as if they’re being spyed on. As to why they feel so nobody knows fer sure. To worsen the situation, my brother spotted a gigantic shadow drifting right infront of him (there was absolutely no one infront of him as everyone was sitting down) under the spot-light of the court, it moved in a ghastly manner. Since the matter was gettin’ outta hand the group ran away again. They regretted embraking on that foolish journey in the very first place. Apprantly the “cartoon” followed them back where they went.

They stayed outside of the chalet until dawn, they then quickly packed up and went home. The next day, my dumbo brother suggested that they go back to the marshes to investigate the place. And so they did. They went back, and went to the right path. Tracing back their path they took the night before, they finally found out why they were haunted by that “cartoon”. The “hump” they accidently stepped on was actually an old type of Malay grave with some sticks in it. These graves only have head of the dead person buried in it, thus it is fairly small. And the thingy that was knocked over by my brother’s friend was actually a white veil used to cover the grave itself. The guys freaked out and quickly made some offerings ‘n prayed hard. They went home shortly after that and everything went back to normal.

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