The White Figure

It all started when I was sitting in class doing my work in 3rd grade, which was about 5 years ago. It was a rainy day I was casually talking to my friends instead of doing my homework like always until I saw a white figure just walk by our table.

Thinking it was just my teacher I shook it off. When school ended I walked home and went into my room, I took a short nap and woke up to the sound and scratching on my door. I started screaming and my parents ran upstairs to check on me.

I told them what happened and they said it was probably just the cat, but the cat wasn’t outside my door or in my room, it was outside.

“Its probably just your imagination.” My mom said. They hugged me and left me alone in the room yet again. I let out a long sigh and shook it off again believing my parents when they said it was probably just my imagination.

I went back to my nap. I woke up at around 11:24 pm, I fell asleep at around 5:09 pm.

I was the only one wake at that time so I went downstairs to grab a snack. I opened the refrigerator and I saw that white figure again, and this time it wasn’t my teacher obviously. I then heard the plate and cup that I left on the counter fall onto the floor.

The white figure was standing in front of it, its back facing me. I was so scared I froze and I couldn’t move. It started turning around and I saw its face. It was a male, blood covered its face with an evil smile on its face.

I tried to run away but I didn’t know why I couldn’t, it was like it was controlling me, making me not able to move. It approached me until it was looming over me then it disappeared, and at that moment I was able to move and ran upstairs to my parents crying and screaming. I told them what had happened.

They tried to calm me down but I couldn’t, what I had witnessed was so traumatizing that I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore, but I mean every nine year old would feel that way.

A week had passed and I saw that figure following me everywhere, with the blood on its face and that evil smile that almost spread across its whole face.

It haunted me up until 5th grade. I had moved into my parents room. After a while my parents thought it had got out of hand so they took me to my great grandmother. “She’ll bless you and that thing will leave you alone sweetie, don’t be afraid it wont hurt.” My mom assured me.

My great grandmother lit up a bunch of candles and started saying things I didn’t understand, she had drawn a cross on the floor in front of me where I stood.

A whole month had passed and I still saw that white figure but it was slowly fading. I thought that figure had a type of attraction on me. It would always appear out of no where and scare me, but it still faded.

Up until now I sometimes still see it but its a very very faint figure that doesn’t bother me anymore.

I never told my parents or anyone things that happened after I woke up. My room was always trashed when I woke up. Everything broken. I sometimes woke up on the floor with scratch marks and bruises on me. At first I didn’t think it was the white figure, I always thought it was just my cat doing it when I was asleep, but I realized that the door was always closed and it always stayed outside, it couldn’t have dragged me onto the floor and broke everything without me waking up from the noises.

I still sometimes wake up to scratching on my wall. When I get up to check, there are scratch marks on my walls and a few things broken.

It doesn’t bother me anymore thought because I’ve become used to them. I have a weird attraction to things like that.

There are many more things I have never told anyone about and I don’t feel like sharing it. I don’t want to give you guys nightmares.

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