The Year 1886

A guy name Filbert from Congo found himself back to the year 1886 and manage to come back to tell everyone his story.

That day was july 1998, he drove pass a old abandon ancient house in Congo, he look out of his window of the car and saw there is people living in this abandon house, then he get down his car to knock on their door.

A women opened the door, he see the women wearing clothing is very weird and old fashion, then he ask the women ” Are you staying here”, the women then shout at him ” Who are you??, where you get this type of clothing from??” then she bang the door closed!, give Filbert a shock!!!.

Then he look around the street, it look so unfamiliar, like he never seen before.After that, he saw a guy selling newspaper he go there to buy from him,to his surprise, he saw the newspaper date is 1886 October 15, that is about 110 yrs ago newspaper!!, Filbert shout at him ” what newspaper are you selling??!!” the guy replied ” what are you talking about??” , Filbert den reply : Now is the year 1998 why are you selling 1886 Newspaper??, then the guy replied ” Are you Crazy !!! Now is the years 1886!!!. Filbert feel quite shock and amazed , anyway he bought the newspaper from him and put it inside his car.

After that, he get out of his car after placing his newspaper and make a phone call using his handphone to call his wife. But the line cant get through, as he have try lot of time. In the sudden a man pointed a gun at him asked him to ” PUT THE WEAPON DOWN!!” Filbert replied and said ” it is a handphone Not a weapon!!” but the man Not understand what he mean by handphone but keep on shouting ” Put the weapon down !! with his guy pointing at him, Filbert have no choice as the man have a gun pointing at him so he put his gun down and get on his car quickly and drove off .

As he drove off street by street and he found that every street look so unfamiliar and everybody wearing and dressing was so old fashion and weird!! in his mind, he have to pray for help, he have wonder that if he really go back to the years 1886? After a while he fall asleep in his car, when he wake up he found everything, everyplace back to normal, now every place it look familiar, he drove home immediately tell his wife what have happen earlier, but his wife dont believe him, then he show her the newspaper of the years 1886 , she believe him.

He report and tell Everyone his story but very little people believe him, some people believe him is because he have a newspaper of the years 1886 that cant be found in this world anymore …………..

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