Ubi Ave 1 Blk 336

My name i cannot tell you, who am i or any other information related to me cannot be divulged too. But here is my story which happened at my blk .. for those who are to look down please wait, i have to warn you what you are about to know may not guarantee a pleasant night for you. If you are prepared…. continue with it.

It is 9.20 now as i type my story. Something just happened in my friend’s house (i was at his house twenty minutes ago..now i’m back home) I was playing his computer then when i heard a noise and what seemed to be a gush of cold air. I looked behind and what i saw nearly hit the life out of me! Just outside of the window there’s a woman staring at me. The thing is my friend’s house is on the 6th story and how could a woman be standing just outside the window?! The woman’s face was very pale and a part of her scalp appeared to have fallen off.

The “thing” continued to stare at me and i turned back facing the computer and tried to continue doing what i had been doing and pretend that i had seen nothing. Maybe it was just an illusion? After a while that thing started calling out to me. I can’t take it anymore and i just left the room to find my friend. When i told him about it, his expression changed. We went inside the room and the ghost was gone. But no sooner had we arrived in the room, the ghost was somehow standing in one corner again.

Now it had entered the room. We rushed out and went to the living room thinking that it wouldn’t follow. But…. it was standing somewhere in one corner staring at us. We tried to ignore it but all the while no matter where we turned or go it will be in front and staring at us.. As soon as it had appeared, it faded into oblivion again. Whew were we relieved!(and equally freaked out as well).

We went back to his room to discuss of the matter. After a while we heard something outside. Fearing that it is the ghost, none of us obliged to go check out. But after a while curiousity took the better of us and we just gave a peeked outside. Gosh! there’s a small foetus like creature crawling out of a bottle on the family altar(all the while i hadn’t noticed there’s a bottle on the altar). Suddenly it turned its deformed head and saw us! It snarled and crawled hurriedly back into the bottle. The female ghost appeared again with a smile on her face. I just left my friend’s house.

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