Voices Of The Dead

The examinations were coming and everyone was busy preparing for it The exams were just a few weeks to go and all of them were stressed out.Sumei was not able to study without her walkman.She needed noise in her background so that she can study.Her mother always scolded her for using her walk man during study. “Ma,iknow how to study.You don’t have to tell me what to do,” Sumei said.

Sumei was going to sit for her History test tommorow. She always stay up late to study.When she hear her walkman she must hear a beautiful song.Sumei were scared for her test tommorow. It was four a.m in the morningand she keep on yawning, she getting sleepy.The radiostation is still playing her favourite songs. Suddenly the songs stopped and she heared people talking.It sounded ghostly.She adjusted her walkman thinking that something wrong with her reception.But then it was perfectly alright. She got scared as the voices she is still clear and loud.She took out her earphones but the voiced stillbe heard.She got scred and called out her mom.

Her mother told her to go to sleep, she is too tired that she could hear all this thing.she gave the walkman to her mother to listen but the songs is still on. the minute later her mother leave the room,she put on her earphones.And she could hear all kind of noise.Without any other choice she switch off her earphones and went to bed. the spooky voices can be heard although she switched her walkman.that was the last time she studied at night.She never ever experienced before.No one had experienced it before.She convinced her moither that it was not her imagination and her mother got a priest to bless the house.It was good idea to have done that she did not ever experienced it again.

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