Watch Movie Alone

I have never known myself to have a full on enconter with the spirits of the undead. Most of the stories I have read about ‘true’ encounters are truly unbelievable. Though I never bothered to go to places like Bidadari cemetery or Mount Pleasant late at night just to find out myself what kind of ‘nightlife’ there is out there.

I am kind of jittery, but I’ll share this story for all of you out there to read. I write this stroy just as I experienced it this night of the 25th of September 2001…

I was pretty bored today. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Then it dawned on me that there was a Japanese Horror show that I wanted to catch. Titled ‘Audition’. I read the online movie reviews and found it to be appealing and searched for which cinema it was screening at. I saw that it was screening at Golden cinema. Loacated next to Golden Landmark at Beach Road.

I didn’t recall then that I had read before in Russel Lee’s Singapore Ghost Stories, in one of its Editions that Golden was haunted…

And so… I started my bike and zipped to the Golden and reached there at 8:45pm. I came to the booth at the ground level and ask the lady at the ricket booth ‘Auntie… how many people watching this show ‘Audition’?’ She called up the seat diagram on her desktop screen and showed me. No one. I would be the only one watching the movie. So what the heck, right? I watch movies alone all the time. This time is not different than any other.

I paid for the ticket and at 9pm, I made my way up to the 3rd floor in the cinema. All can tell you that the entrance to this particular screening room is facing the lift. I went in, and the lady tore my Ticket stub and I went in. What is unmistakable is the stale air mixed withe the air conditioning. ‘Nobody really goes here’ I thought.

I sat down as the lights went down and the show started. I know I was alone. But as soon as the lights came down. I felt that feeling you’d feel when you feel that someone was watching you. I shrugged it off and watched the screen.

At this point I thought that I had just finished performing my night shift this morning and that I might just be exhausted and that my mind was playing tricks on me. Thought I have never known myself to be so fatigued that it causes me to hallucinate…

A few moments later, felt it again. I looked to my right I saw no one. But as I turned to the left, I saw someone was sitting at the end of my row. I don’t know why. But it did not immediately occur to me as strange. I tried to make out what she looked like in the darkness. I could make out that probably that she was a young lady. She had long hair. Slowly she turned to look at me and that’s when I saw her eyes and I thought that all I could see was it’s whites. It did not freak me out immediately. So I just brushed off the feeling and continued watching the movie.

As I happened to glace left again, I saw that the girl has moved to a few rows in front. I thought that maybe whe was unconfortable that we were the only two people in the cinema, and that was why she switch places. As I wanted to return my sight to the movie screen, that was when I noticed six other people in the cinema! I just watched on.

Then the feeling again. That feeling that someone is watching me… I looked around and they were all looking at me and I turned to my left and saw that the girl was a few seats away from me and looking at me. And I could see that there are no eyes where the eyes are supposed to be…!

I got up immediately and tried to run. I fell because there were hands holding my feel. Luckily I was seating on an aisle seat. I struggle free and got up and ran to the exit door! I never bothered looking back. I pressed the button for the lift and the lift door opened I went in. I reached the ground floor briskly made my way to my bike, started it and rode back home.

I parked my bike, and saw my watch. It read 10:15pm. I went immediately into my room and tried to make sense what happened in that cinema… Was it real? Or was I really that tired?

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