Die Xian

It is believed that if you hold a pencil and ask a question, the pen guardian will answer your question on a piece of paper. Something along the line like die xian or ouija board or the coin spirit game. But these games need a minimum of 2 person to play. And it can be very spooky.

It is believed that if you ever ask for any favours from those brothers, you gotta return the favour in other form or face unfortunate incidents.

I used to watch my friends play when i was primary school, i never got the chance to play but strangely enough it seems the question they asked, the answer is almost always accurate.

Interestingly some had said that psychologically, these games allow the assess of the subconscious mind, which is the effect of you talking to yourself which can lead to some psychological problem while others said there are real spirits or demons from around the surrounding getting into the pencils or coins to communicate with us.

I’m not sure whether have you heard of automatic art or automatic writing. Actually the spirit of the pen is linked to something called parapsychology which is the strange ability some people have like producing arts, writing novels, drawings, music without actually being aware of what they are doing. Their hand just move and many times works of artist were said to be bear remarkable resemblance to styles of dead artists.

There were incidents where it was believed that the spirits refused to leave after playing the coin game and it went on to possess the players. But if the game is real, then can it not be used as a method of contacting dead ones you miss?

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