West Coast

I like to relate another story about the people from the other side…where it happen?…at Blk 711, Clementi West St 2. People have said that that area is a little creepy.

My Aunt used to stay in that block several years back before moving out to another location. During her stay, not only her experienced some eerie encounters, but the whole family too.

My Aunt used to do a little ‘kueh’ business. She was always up in the middle of the night preparing the necessary stuffs. And she loves chatting over the phone, since she has some chatty friends(whatever time it is, she’ll just talk!). One unfateful night, while she was chatting, she saw this thing….an old lady, like a Nenek Kebayan(a Malay witch), tip-toeing from her room to the children’s bedroom, at the same time with short stops and looking around the house. She lastly looked at my aunt before entering the children’s bedroom. Of course my Aunt was shocked but thinking of the safety of her two children, she dashed in the bedroom only to find that they were soundly asleep. She recited some prayers to keep everyone in house safe.

Her husband, who usually return home after midnight after work, experienced some eerie incidents too. Most of the nights, he’ll be disturbed by the presence of the Pontianak, either laughing or crying and the strong scent of frangipani(which we know, is her ‘perfume’). People say that walking backwards will not make them follow us home, I know it sounds absurd but that’s what my Uncle do almost every night….from the void deck to the lift lobby and to his home.

This family used to have this popular chair called the peacock chair, one with really big back rest…alah….very popular lah last time…back to the story….she had it position it front of the living room window, opposite where she usually chit chat in the wee morning hours. She had seen a black figure looking at her. Neighbours had seen the Pontianak in her kitchen window, sitting on her clothes pole. Her daughter felt she was lifted up when she was in the toilet(during one of her red light season).

And ALL my relatives knew that the death of her 3rd child was the cause of the Pontianak. Every time during Maghrib(Muslim evening prayers’s time), when she was in her later months of pregnancy, she would feel excruciating pain..as if her stomach was forced to tuck in. Every time that happen, her scared children will be reading the Holy Quran beside her bed, hoping that nothing happen to thier mom. The baby(a girl) had died inside her before delivery time, with the unbilical cord around her neck. Though things like that happens…I think we all know that’s not quite the reason.

I dunno what the new owner’s had experienced but that unit #12 is sure scary……in fact, I think the whole area….

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