Westlake Shadow Scouts – Act I

It was a cool night, with skies that appear bloody red. It looked like it was gonna rain, but still, the roads remained dry at that moment.

We gathered at the bus stop in front of westlake. We were having our annual camp in school and were preparing for our nightwalk at Sime road cemetary. We took bus no. 93 and reached there soon after.

Everything was a breeze and after 2 hrs, we had completed our tresure hunt, only to realise that it was already 1+ in the morning. We had no bus to go back and our leaders decided to settle down for the night till the first bus comes.

All of us then settled down at the carpark to rest. Most of us fell asleep while we, the seniors were abruptly woken up by our leaders at 3. We were so ‘blur’ that we didn’t know what was going on. We just followed on…..

By now, the sky was clear and the bright moon shone down. We were told to go for our solo walk, which means walking alone alongside rows of graves! We totally freaked out, but at that time, the ‘Gung Ho’ thingy was on, so onward we went.

We set forth at a 5 minutes interval, and when you know it, it was my turn. I calmed myself down, looked straight and walk at briskly as I could.

All was serene then, until I saw a tree up ahead. I slowed down, strained my eyes in the dimly lit night at the tree. Slowly, a shape of an old man sitting down was made up. It was neither white, green nor red, as ghosts appeared that way, I think.

It looked normal at first, but as i closened my gap with that ‘thing’, I noticed it’s eyes was rather disturbing. It’s pupils were almost the eyes itself, and shone strangely as if it was giving off light by itself.

I was stunned…I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream for help nor run away. I stood there as though I was immobilised. That old man advanced, while I watched on helplessly…

He slowly took off his hat and revealed his face to me, to which I, by that time had already felt so weak at my knees that i was kneeling down. As a free-thinker, I had no religion to rely on or prayers to chant. I just hoped help would come soon.

Just as he was about to stretch out his hand to caress my face, voices came from behind. He withdrew quickly and slowly faded in front of me! At that point, i regained myself and turned back only to find 2 of my leaders staring at me blankly.

They too had witnessed the unholy. They helped me out of the cemetary to the carpark and gathered all the scouts to evauated that place immediately. We walked out of the cemetary and settled at the bus -stop, where we thought it would be safe.

but there was more to come….

(This story happened during 1999, when the cemetary at Sime Road was still there.)

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