I was having my school camp at East Coast. Nobody sleeps early on the first night coz we were all excited. It was around 2.15 am and we were still chatting inside the tent. There were 4 of us altogether. I was not sure about the other campers but I assumed they were asleep coz the whole area was extremely quiet. To avoid being scolded for not sleeping in early, my friends and I whispered during the conversation.

While talking, we heard the zip sound from the tent next to us. All our tents had zips. We thought that someone was opening the zip coz he couldn’t sleep. Anyway, our tent was zipped down halfway. We wanted it that way coz it was really hot. We did not feel anything at that point of time so I decided to take a peek from below.

I saw a lady with sarong kebaya zipping up the tent next to us. Her back was facing me. The moment I saw hair started standing and I felt a sudden chill from inside my tent. My friend tugged my hand and I turned to look at her. All I could do was to put my index finger on my lips indicating silence. All of us just froze there for a moment…then all of us lay down spontaneously.

I then turned to look from the opening at the bottom of my tent. I wanted to fully zip down the tent but I saw the kebaya skirt at the opening. There was no legs…only the skirt. I was in shock that I quickly closed my eyes. I heard the zip as if someone opening the tent. All I could feel was a really cool breeze in the tent. My friends felt the same way too. But none of us knew exactly what happen that night. Hhhhmmmmmmm……………

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