I was chilling wif ma frens at east coast park around 3 am in the morning and we started to exchange and spook each other with all our stories ..

As told by one of my trusted fren, Tirah ..

“There was this one time at a local institute of higher learning, Angel was revising her work with her room mate, Tasha in the wee hours of the morning, as the exams were fast approaching. It was a still and humid night ..

Soon enough, they decided that their brains could not take in anymore reading materials, therefore, they decided to call it a night and hop on the next train to slumberland ..

Angel tried dragging Tasha to the ladies to wash up and brush their teeth.. However, Tasha was literally snoring already. Therefore, she decided to let her Tasha be and wash up on her own. Angel is a practical person by nature and she never allowed herself to get paranoid over the unexplained .. Although she did hear her fair share of spooky tales happening on campus ..

She made her way to the common toilet, which was along her corridor .. As she entered, she scanned the area and went straight to the wash basin. Naturally, she was very tired and so she decided to make that trip to the ladies a quick one ..

She was brushing her teeth when she happened to look up into the mirror and saw another girl entered .. Out of courtesy, she smiled and continued her vigorous brushing of teeth .. After she was done brushing, she placed her tooth brush next to her and it accidentally slipped and fall.

She muttered something under her breath and bent down to pick it up.. As she was doing so, she looked behind and noticed that the girl was somewhat floating in the air .. coz she had no legs!

Fear and curiousity consumed Angel at once .. She got up in jiffy, took her belongings and went straight to the door. As she passed the girl, she told herself to remain calm and act natural. She did so and she even exchanged a few words with the girl .. “Goodnight, I’m going to bed now” ..

The girl, in a calm and disposed manner, with a smirk on her face .. looked straight back at her and said … “Are you going to bed or do you know the truth already?”

In an instance Angel dashed out of the ladies ….

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