Who Was On My Bed

When I was in high school, I had my own room. And when I go to bed at night, I had a very strange habit. I didn’t like pillows at all , except my bolster (the long sausage like ones). Anyway, I would always, instead of resting my head on the pillow at night, I would aways flip it upright, so it stays up, resting against the head board of my bed. And then I would place my duvet over the pillow and headboard so it creates this private space in between my bed and the duvet. I felt secure like that. Also, I had the habit of sleeping facing the wall (so I wouldn’t be able to see whats standing next to my bed I suppose) and with the radio on throughout the night (so if something was next to my bed, the light would cast a shadow on the wall).

So one night, I slept in the exact same way. When I was in deep slumber suddenly something really heavy dropped from the ceiling and landed next to me, on my bed. My duvet collapsed!! The huge thump woke me up! My heart was pounding as I could feel something was sitting on my bed, next to me, So I turned and tried to tug on my duvet, it didn’t move as that thing was on top and clearly I could see indentations on my bed that something was indeed sitting on top on my bed and duvet. So I tried to catch a glimpse of shadow perhaps on the wall, if something was indeed sitting next to me, the light from the radio would cast a shadow onto the wall but i saw nothing.

So I tried to calm myself down though I was freaked out and cold sweating. I kept telling myself it wasn’t real and it was my imagination. But it wasn’t my imagination. After ten minutes passed, I turned and tried to tug on my duvet again and yes it was still there!! not budging at all! At this point, it felt forever. So I told myself the only way is to pretend it wasn’t there and go to bed.

So I forced myself to go back to sleep in which i did after an hour or so. And when I woke up after and tugged on my duvet again, it was gone. I don’t know what it was, but it was surely spooky.

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