I came across this incident back in 2009 when I was in Sec 2 and being a young teen, I loved listening to musics and be sure to checked youtube or MTV for the latest hits.

So back then ‘Soulja Boy’ was a hit song and there was this awesome dance move in the music video so one day when I came home from school, I was thinking maybe I should take a video of me doing the ‘Soulja Boy’ dance moves, also since there was no one home.

I went to my room, put my phone on a box in the middle on my bed so that it could and blast the song real loud. And yeah I was enjoying dancing when coming to the middle of the song, my phone all of a sudden.tilted and was facing the ceiling, it was weird as I already stabilized it on the box and there was no way wind could blow it down.

So I stopped dancing, I stopped the recording and wanted to have a look at it, when… all of a sudden…. right in the middle of the video, there was this very loud high pitched screeching laughter and it gave me goose bumps straight away. And at the corner of my eye, I saw this white figure flew past.

That’s when I thought to myself, I had to get out of here. I deleted the video on the very spot and got out of the house and I couldn’t get the laughter out of my head, even till now. I didn’t want to go home as I was scared to death so I had to wait till someone gets back.

The next day I went to school and met up with my friends and told them about the incident and they didn’t believe me. I was in a trauma that I can’t focus at all. I was still terrified about what happened. Till this day it still haunts me….

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