Wrapped In Cloth

Man, were we tired! My family and I had spent practically the whole day at my aunt’s house, helping her get ready for her son’s wedding. It was past eleven by the time we headed home.

When we reached our house, most of us kids were already half-asleep. We stumbled out of our car, only to smell something very strange. There was a very strong smell of incense, outside our house at nearly midnight. Very weird. We figured it was one of our neighbors or something, so we just ignored it. If we had been more awake, maybe we would have been worried, as we don’t think any of our neighbors were the incense-burning types but at that time, we were too tired to care.

After what seemed like way too much time, I finally was able to drag my exhausted body to my soft, comfy bed. I fell asleep almost as soon my head touched the pillow. I swear I was THAT tired!

I woke up suddenly, with no idea what shook me out of my deep slumber. Until I looked to the foot at my bed that is. There standing still and silent was a ‘hantu pochong’ ! It was staring straight at me! Although its face looked normal, if a bit blank, not dripping with slime or rotting or anything, I was still terrified! After a few more seconds of staring at it, I couldn’t stand it any longer and dove under the blankets.

I was under the steaming hot blanket for more than 10 minutes before I dared poke my head out. By that time, the ‘hantu’ was gone. I have no idea where the ‘hantu pochong’ came from and what it wanted from me. All I know is that I am very afraid of my house now.

And one more creepy thing happened. One night, after the ‘hantu pochong’ incident, my brothers and I were coming back home from sending my sister to her tuition classes. We were listening to some music on the radio at that time. However, the EXACT moment we entered the house compound, the radio channel switched to a ‘mengaji’ station. [Ed note: mengaji – reading the Holy Quran.] No one touched the controls at all! How this was possible, I have no idea. And the thing is, when the station changed, the person on the station was reading the first verse of ‘Surah Yassin’, which as most Muslims know, is a very significant part of the Holy Quran! Weird…

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