Yishun School

I began to hear and sometimes see ghosts when i am 12 years old, after an outing in East Coast Park. Anyway, this story is based on my own experience in my secondary school. It just happen one nice day when my school is rehearsing for our annual speech day. As a P.A club member (one that manages the hall stage and microphones), i am required to stay back and help around. Everything is fine at first and the day slowly becomes night…. The whole school just look so gloomy and errie, with the orange light shining on our technical block (which is haunted) just opposite the hall.

In the middle of the program, my head (of PA club), Peter, needs to go down to the stage to help out, leaving me alone in the P.A room, which is reachable by a steep ladder at the back of the hall and has a window that overlook the main stage. Anyway, Peter has an ucler that day and he keeps sucking the ucler, thus making a strongly audible noise. He went down and i was just there, touching the controls and ensuring everything is fine when i heard that ‘sucking’ noise just outside the door of the P.A room. I turned around and say:”U back oredi, Peter?” But my eyes falls on empty grounds……. No one is around me but i have distinctly heard that! I instantly look out of the window and there below, is Peter who is talking to another member. I am stunned and when he finally came up, i ask him whether he has come up just now and he says:”Nope”. Another thing that makes me ponder is that the flooring of the second floor is very unstable and u can practically hear anybody coming up the ladder to the P.A room. There will always be this eek eek creaking noise………. Another incident happens one afternoon when my friends (who are also the members of P.A Club) and i have free periods and thus, we bolted off to the P.A room for some music and some chit chat. We have been up there for around 10-20 minutes when we heard someone coming up the stairs with the normal creaking sound. We are more baffled than shocked because we have already locked the main gate to the hall and the other gate has always been locked.

Two of us looked out of the window but there’s no one in sigh and the other one went out of the P.A room and checked. But nothing is found. We continued staying there since we have heard from our seniors that footsteps have always been heard. One of our seniors had even heard someone crying when she is alone in the room! Another have seen the amplifier needle on the P.A system moving left and right without the power switched on!! Peter himself, have seen an image evolving in between the walls of the 2 changing rooms! The hall has always the hot topic amongst the students as in whether it is haunted or not. There have been rumours whereby some members of the school band had seen two ladies sweeping the stage, one wearing red, another wearing white but i have never seen them before. Maybe its because i never stay for the night in the hall. One of my friends, who has the third eye, had also seen a white figure dashing from the computer lab to the hall even thou the hall is locked.

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