Old Technical Block Of CSS

This story kinda passed on from my seniors and my old former teacher in CSS.

CSS was situated at Jurong East after Queensway(I heard the Old CSS at Queensway is even fcuked up,i think thats why they moved).So the story goes like this…

Usually during the junes holidays,there will be the CLUBs having school camp.One of my senior friend was in NPCC.One night on thursday night i think(Thursday night!Whoa!!!)my friends and his posies went to play around the technical block.Have a smoke and relax.Then my friend,don’t know where got the idea and said to his friends. “Hey wanna check out the technical block?”The others without thinking said okay.Wah!Steadylah thursday night also can…Okay they was outside the technical room and they had to find a way in.I don’t even know why they want to get inside for.

When they was about to “break-in”,they heard a rather familiar sound or should i say some kind of music.The sound was coming from the room.I don’t know why in the !@#!@# they could think of going there in the first place.The noise was somekind produce by the hitting and knocking made by the tools.They heard hammers hitting against the table.Heard sawing and other stuff u might heard in the technical lab done by the students during the day.The noise somehow musically sounded like our CSS School Song…By the time they discovered it.They quickly ran like crazy.I think they must be probably shitted and pissed in their own pants.Haahahahaha..

They kept quiet about it.I think they slept together that night.Might be a gay vacation?hehehe.The next morning,they told their NCOs i think and consulted the teacher.Then the teacher told them that it happened quite long time ago.He said that last time the music teacher composed the song near the technical block because the music class was in front of the technical block.And last time the site of the technical block was an old abandoned chinese cemetery i think.So they assume the souls was listening to it and was just singing just to have fun…(ghost also wanna have some fun and creativity)…

But now the school was later taken over by Jurongville Sec Sch. Good Luck to them i guess.Hope the students they can have a musically fun time with the technical block ghost!!!

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