A Camp In Chao Chu Kang

During my NS life, I had a bad encounter in my camp while i was doing guard duty. It was my first time doing guard duty. So i was told to check out anything if i heard anything or see any stranger.

I and my campmate were walking pass the SOC ground beside Bravo Coy. Then we heard a strange sound from that Bravo Coy. At first i thought someone is making fool of us so we ignore it. But my campmate told me that there couldn’t have anybody in Bravo Coy cos the whole battalion is on leave. We start to walk faster and ignore that sound. Finally we reach the guard room. We tell the Guard Comander about the incident. And the Guard Comander decide to check out himself.

When we reach Bravo Coy the sound is still there. While the Guard comander decide to check out where the sound come from, the COS of Bravo Coy stop us and ask where are we going. We tell him what happen and the COS told us that the sound is alway there. He say it was normal. He also say that his men also alway complain about that sound. And the sound is there since few years ago got two people die during training. And their photo is still in the COS room. The COS told us not only the sound. It also always disturbing the COS during duty. And say they had already used to it.

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