A Lady In White

To this day I believe I met something supernatural in 1975 and whenever I think about what I experienced that night, goose pimples just mushroomed on my limbs and body.

I was then living with my parents in Rawang, Selangor. I had night classes in Petaling Jaya for some days of the week and I used to drive my faithful Datsun 1200 BAA 131 to attend these classes.

I could still remember that it was on 4th April 1975, a Friday. My class was over at 9:30pm. As it was a Friday, I joined a few of my classmates at Section 5 for a bite before going home. I left for home at 11 pm and the only way back to Rawang then was through the old Ipoh road that passed through the Kanching Pass, a stretch of winding uphill road just after where Selayang Baru is today and before Templar Park. I reached the bottom of the Pass at about 11:40 pm and I spotted a woman in white carrying a red bundle that appeared to be an infant on the opposite side of the road at a bus stop. My immediate thought was …..”you are not going to get a bus!! The last bus of Len Omnibus from Rawang was at 10pm and there are no more buses after that!”

The road going through the Pass was a single lane and narrow. There wasn’t any car following me and certainly none overtook me during the 2 – 3 km climb up the Pass. I reached the top of the Pass and was on the descent when I suddenly spotted the same woman in white carrying that red bundle and this time round (my goose pimples again even after 38 years!!) she was on my side of the road and she was attempting to wave at me to stop my car for her!! I step on the accelerator but couldn’t resist a glance to pick up a reflection of her through my rear mirror! I saw NOTHING!! There was a morbid fear at that time that she was already seated in the rear seat of my car. It could have been an attack of goose pimples then as I certainly felt an eerie presence and an instant drop of the temperature in the car! I kept praying but just didn’t have the guts to look back to verify whether she was there!! It was such a relief when I saw the first few houses of the town. It was only then that I dared to look at the rear seat. What I saw sent another chill through my soul! (Then and even now!!) There was a white towel on the seat …. an object that certainly was not mine!!

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