My Father’s Doppelganger

It was the seventh month in 2011, and as most of us call it, the Hungry Ghost Festival. It is during this time when many weird things might happen to the unwary and many refrain from going out at night. But in my story, staying at home did not prevent one of the freakiest things in my life to occur…

I was only 15 then and all Middle school students, like myself, would be tired when we get home. It was a usual day and the smell of incense in the air was really strong that day, considering all the offerings being burnt. After a cold shower, I went to my nicely air-conditioned room and took a nice long nap. At around 6:45, I heard knocking and saw my father coming in to my room. He told me that he was home and if I was hungry, we could go grab some dinner at the coffee shop near my HDB. He then left me to continue sleeping.

At roughly 7:30, 45 minutes after my father came in, he came in again, and once again to tell me he JUST got home, I found it rather odd and asked him why did he come in again. He looked at me with a shocked and surprised face and asked me what I meant. I told him the that this was his second time in my room and he denied ever entering my room and that he just got back from work. We then checked the surveillance recordings of my front door to see if an intruder could have came in or left between the time when we left our flat, till the time we got back, but the only people leaving were my parents and myself, no one else intruded or left our flat, I was completely freaked by this incident and I did not know what it meant or why it happened.

I guess one of the free spirits probably mistook me for his son and was so lonely that he actually asked me to have a meal with him.

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