Night Vision Goggles Can See

This incident occurred during my army days in 2004. In my unit, the seniors told us not to play with NVG at night as they have personally seen good brothers with those devices. One of the senior did saw a white figure darting across from left to right infront of him in the forested training area, however when he removed the NVG, there was nothing infront of him. It was only untill after the exercise, did he mention about the incident.

During the 4th day of an exercise, my coy was told to establish communication on Mandai hill. Since we have been there many times, we knew where the place was. A SIDE NOTE : ( There is this eerie looking big tree that was fenced up. There is a hallowed portion on 1 of the side of the tree, which in it is a chinese statue (Not sure which god it was). Don’t know why would any one place a statue there, but I assume it was meant to keep that place safe. )

We reach that place late in the morning, given that my vehicle was the command centre for the coy; it was parked next to the tree. Once we had established in the place, my sergeant assigned me and my man to build the field toilet. We found a spot which was about 20 meters from our vehicle and started building. The field toilet design was simple 3 long pikes to the ground with a ground sheet attached to it. Nothing else happened during the day.

At night it started to rain heavily, fearing that the field toilet might collapse, my sergeant asked me to check upon it. Since it was still raining and we were told to be in our vehicles, I decided to use the NVG to check. Once I place the NVG over my eyes, I looked around to ensure it was functioning ok. The moment I looked at the field toilet, there was this white figure standing next to it. This white figure has a human shape but no features. I immediately remove my NVG and look over to the toilet’s direction, there was nothing there. I proceed to leave the vehicle and physically check it and there was no 1 there. Once I got back to my vehicle and used the NVG to look at the toilet, the white being was back there. I got so spooked that I didn’t dare to use the NVG again.

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